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-The tongue, when tempered, is sharper than the finest blade-

Favourite Authors*
-J.R.R. Tolkien
-Ray Bradbury
-William Shakespeare

About My Writing Style*
-There's pretty much one thing to be said about my writing style. I want it to be conversational, comfortable, and frank (as is my way of speaking, generally!). When you're reading my work, I want you to be able to understand the characters as the story unfolds. I want you to feel like you're sitting next to me, and I'm retelling a story that has been passed down through generations. Because that's what my stories are supposed to be. They are to be like old stories that are passed down. And, hopefully, my stories will be published someday and read world-wide, being passed down to younger generations and such. Also, I do write in a fast-paced manner. That is a method of my own device. I want to move slowly enough to flesh things out, but fast enough to keep the interest of readers with small attention-spans. So that is no mistake. My writing style is my own, no-one else's.

To Keep in Mind While Reading*
-If you're just going to bash, and not give constructive criticism, leave me be. I really do not want to unleash my Elf-Legion on your soul. >:D
-The usage of my characters, settings, or even my language that I'm developing is plagiarism. And plagiarism isn't kind, nor is it honest. It is a means of liars. You want to use other people's characters? Go to Fanfiction.net. where you can use TV characters and such. But leave my stuff alone.
-If you review and accuse me of stealing something, I will message you showing you that it is original. And trust me, I hate being wrong. So I rarely let myself be.
-If there's anything I hate, it's people who read and don't review. If you're going to read, please, please let me know what you think, even if you have nothing very substantial to say. I want to know what kinda audience I'm generating.