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*Waya* Hey there. Hotori and I are si- *Hotori* Waya is 17 and I am 16 we're sisters 18 months apart and people sometimes confuse us for twins. -_-" *Waya* Ahem. As I was saying before I was so RUDELY :glares at Hotori: inturupted. So, Yeah, we're sisters. Isn't that just pleasant? *Hotori* We luv Digimon! And we, well, I love poetry. But Waya is more for story writing, I'll probably post one of her ORIGINALS on here for her one of these days. So yeah.*Waya* :rolls her eyes: Anywayz, I love midevil fics and supernatural, weird stories!!! I love love love love them! Sorry, just had to say that.*Waya* :eyes Hotori: Thanks for sharing, now would you be so kind as to SHUT UP! *Hotori* She's mean. Beware the older sister, cause she can make you feel like an idiot with her intimidatingly large vocab. that I don't have but wish I did. And she can spell a WHOLE LOT better than me plus she also has better grammar than me, and does everything better than me except VIDEO GAMES :). *Waya* Whatever. And my vocabulary is not that big. *Hotori* Yes it is. Well to me it is. *Waya* Sure, Whatever. :rolls eyes: *Hotori* :sticks tongue out at big sis: *Waya* :mutters the word 'immature' under breath: I can't really think of anything else you'd really want to know about us,EXCEPT for the fact that we don't care if you flame in reveiws or whatever, you simply told us your opinion, but if you flame about something stupid and petty please don't bother. We also ask that when you flame you have a reason for doing so and state it so we can improve upon our writing skills and make it so it does not "suck" or whatever words you feel like using. But if there is anything you wou- *Hotori* would like to know just email us or something. Plus we love lots of other animes we don't feel like nameing, so yeah. :Hotori sticks tongue out at Waya:
:p ^.^ *Hotori* hahahahahahahahahahaha! *and keeps going and going, Just like the energizer bunny!* *Waya* -.-" Oh brother. :smacks Hotori upside the head: *Hotori* :stops laughing: OUCH! *Waya* Oh please I barely touched you. *Hotori* :pouts: Did not! :( *Waya* Whatever. -_-

P.s. Oh and Please do watch for my poetry (Which just so happens to be quiet depressing) Yes I am a person struggling with, believe it or not, depression, so, yeah, just thought you should know. and please read and review, I love that. :) It helps with the depression and all. so We'll or I'll quit jabbering and leave you alone. Bye byes. ^^ Oh and I have an account w/ my friend Ari- Ari and Katrina is its name...I post mideval story there and other poetries...=^.^=

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