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Hi! =D My name is Hannah. I have another Fiction Press account, Tigeress33565.


And I'm Ethan, my account is JyleLover924, and this is our joint account.


Anyway, as Ethan said, this is our joint account. I had no idea what to write after my intro, so I made her take over for a moment...Im out of ideas again, so I'm totally rambling until I figure it out. We decided we needed a joint account, since-while we do write out own stories and...stuff, a lot of our more recent stories are sort of collaborations...and we had no idea where to post the ones that we both worked on XD One of his reviewers had asked us if we had a joint account, and we decided it was a good idea to make one it is =D

Now, about our characters...

We have a lot of them, in our joint bunch. And you might not get to meet all of them anytime soon, but eventually, you'll hopfully be able to remember everyone if you try hard enough. Even I have issues remembering everyone, and I love them like they were real. XD

So...that is our introduction. Ethan would have written more but she's playing with his Ipod...thing-y...and working on a story on my other laptop, I think. Or just playing with the Ipod.

I hope you enjoy our stories, and any other...stuff we post. You can contact us in a few ways actually...we created a gmail account for this account, which is Paradiseinbluerock@gmail. If you want to contact Me (Hannah) otherwise, my personal e-mail is Tigeress33565@, and Ethan's is glittersliketherainbow@. You can also contact us via our DeviantART accounts. Hannah's is http:/// and Ethan's is http:///. If you have any questions about the stories or characters, or us, I guess, then feel free to ask. XD

Um...I think that's it for now...oh, by the way. I suck at spelling...and my punctuation... I'm really, really bad at it most of the time, so if you find any in the stories, you should totally blame Ethan for not catching it when we write! Seriously. All his fault. Don't hold me accountable. Im not smart. =D


I don't really know for how long the editing tools will be okay again, so I'll just update now.

We have a bunch of things on the list to write right now, so be on the look out, but you won't have to really start looking for a while yet. ; - Hannah


Coming Soon! (All are SLASH stories.)

Vincent's Freedom: Vincent is an undercover FBI field agent, sent into a prison near BlueRock, Ohio, to gather intell and discover the possiblity of a planned prison break. Freedom is a teenager and the son of a well known gang leader who was sent to prison by his father. He happens to be one of the most dangerous people in there - and he catches Vincent's eye the first time they meet.

Crazy For You: Damian is your average A-B student. He lives in a small house with his older sister, Desiree, and their estranged father. Oh, and he's gay. And he has a crush on his sister's best friend, Cameron. Who just so happens to be straight and in an insane assylum.

Rules of the Pack; Forming Alliances: Beta is a lone (were)wolf, sent out to survive at a very young age by the leader of the pack he was born into. Along for the journey - Alpha, a small, feminine male who happens to have caught Beta's eye. Beta's slept with guys before and been on dates, but he can't seem to gather the courage to confess his developing feelings for Alpha. After encouragement from the pack he's now leading, will he really tell Alpha how he feels? Prequel to Rules of the Pack; Never Sleep With Humans.

Rules of the Pack; Never Sleep With Humans: Beta and Alpha are happy together. They've settled down, deep in the forest outside of town; the rest of the pack lives close by. Enter Gamma - a young human boy who Alpha saves from werewolf hunters in the middle of the night. The closer Gamma and Alpha bond, the more friction it creates between Alpha, Beta, and the rest of the pack. A neighboring pack finds out that a human is staying with Alpha and Beta and they declare war against the pack. Will the pack reunite to protect themselves, or has Gamma severed all ties completely? Sequel to Rules of the Pack; Forming Alliances.

Orgy Wonderland; All is Fair in Love and Prostitution: Leslie has always been Jamie's best friend. Always. But ever since he become a prostitute, they've been spending less and less time together. This a problem for two reasons. One is because Leslie promised that would never happen. Two is because Jamie might have sort of fallen in love with him. So how does Jamie fix this? He decides to become a prostitute under the same boss as Leslie.

Orgy Wonderland; A Whore's Life For Me: Lyle is finally moving on from Leslie. Lenny is new to prostitute system. When Annabella forces them together, who is he to complain? Especially when Lenny turns out to be head-over-heels for him... Sister story/Sequel to Orgy Wonderland; All is Fair in Love and Prostitution.

Guard Dog: Shane and Drake just moved to a new town with their grandparents. Those woods they live by look really creepy. Lukus, a boy at school that Drake doesn't like, seems very fond of Shane - something he's never been of anyone before. When Shane accidentally wanders into the woods at night, is it Lukus that saves him or is it something else?

The Family Jewels: Edward and Richie are brothers and sons of a dangerous gang leader. Dustin is another gang leader that their father owes money to for sending his close cousin to prison. What happens when Dustin kidnaps the boys for ransom money and their father can't pay?

A Certain Type of Tutoring: Karson finds out about Nate's after tutoring prgram and decides to make a bet that he can get into his very attractive -very straight- teacher's pants. Will Nate still care about him when he finds out that Karson is really a boy? Sister Story/Sequel to Sex School Scandal (which will be explained when Hannah writes the plot for it).

The Morning Anouncements: Natt is your stereotypical, gay, "emo" kid. He's always late to school because of family and personal issues that he doesn't like to talk about. Trace is the popular gay boy at school. He always does the morning anouncements and is highly offended when someone doesn't listen to them. Nothing should really bring these two together. Except that one day they meet in the hallway and Trace makes it his mission to ruin Natt's life - or so Natt thinks.

When Elements Combine: Stormi and Snowball have been best friends since third grade. Stormi is outgoing, flamboyant, and out of the closet. Snowball barely talks to anyone but Stormi, is shy, and hasn't even told his best friend that he's gay. He's perfectly happy having a one sided crush on Stormi that no one will ever find out about. Until Rayne notices and decides to intervene.

The P Story: Haruka sees ghosts. He always has. Many of them are lost spirits that are trying to find their significant others-or, excuse the pun, "soul mates." So Haruka has decided to help them. The only problem? He can't tell anyone. Oh, yeah, and his parents just kicked him out, so he has to live with his friend, Phoenix. Who knows nothing of the situation. Prequel to The K Story.

The K Story: Haruka sees ghosts. He always has. Phoenix, his boyfriend, is one of the only people who knows his secret. Some ghosts come to Haruka to make things right with the living. Others with the dead. Kyoki and Kiyoshi are no exception. The only difference with these two? They don't seem to want to be together. Sequel to The P Story.

A Chance Encounter With The School Slut: Pierre can get anyone in the house that he wants. He has a wealthy father, he's on the football team, and people know not to fuck with him. Then there's Whitney. Whitney is a rather scrawny, suiccidal, "emo" slut. When they happen to run into each other in the bathroom after school, what kind of effect does it has on Pierre?

My Roommate's Brother: Sari and Puck have been living together for over a year. Sari's 28 and gay. Puck isn't, and he's 30. Puck's little brother, Juda, is. And Juda is coming to live with them. Oh, yeah, one more thing: Juda is 16 and has a severe attraction to Sari.

There are, of course, several others that we are working on that haven't been mentioned. These either don't have names or don't have official plotlines yet. We've also decided to take on the task of re-writing a bunch of well known fairytales and Disney classics in slash form. Be warned that we may or may not randomly throw something out here that isn't on the list or mentioned in any way.

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