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"Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace." - Siddhārtha Gautama

Oooooh Look at this!

A burgeoning writer from hell, literally. Where I reside it averages over 100 degrees Fahrenheit most of the year and is most famously known for a pitchfork carrying Devil (see if you can put that one together). Unfortunately, I hardly seem to fit in here and spend most of my time day dreaming about being lost amid snowy mountains or empty beaches. I am an outdoor enthusiast which is where I draw a large part of my writing inspiration from and am also a practicing Buddhist. I have been known time to time to dabble in visionary aids, or hallucinogens as some call them, and I strongly believe in them as a further tool for enlightenment and inspiration. I am not afraid to say this. Don't believe the negative words of fearful people who have yet to experience that which they condemn.

Much love to my readers, if I have any, and I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to PM me with any feedback you see fit. I love to hear opinions, especially ones I agree with (just kidding, I actually prefer well explained dissenting ones). Have Fun!

I am more than willing to do Review Trades but understand before hand that I do not review Romance stories. I apologize but if you want any sort of valuable feedback from me you will not get it on your love series. If it is any other sort of story that happens to include romance that is fine, so long as love/romance is not the focal point.

"If you want to write, write, but don't quit you're day job." - Paul S. Kemp

Check out The Review Gameif you're looking for reviews and a place to bounce some ideas off of other authors. Everyone likes good feedback, come trade some love. If you do happen across this festive forum you may refer to me as Mage, Magic, or The Mushroom Guy.

If you're on the verge of smashing your head in because you are so bored, don't. You can always go dig through my instagram (@ddoubblec).


I am looking for someone to cowrite a story with, preferably in a genre with which I am comfortable (fantasy, horror, science fiction, general) though that need not necessarily be the case. Naturally I would have to check out your writing and see if you have a style that I feel would match my own. Likewise, if you are considering this, read through all my work before contacting me (via PM) to ensure that I have a style and writing level you feel would be compatible with your own work. The story would need extensive planning and brainstorming before commencement and, at least as I imagine it, you would be on a schedule to complete each chapter (either two weeks if we decided to post weekly chapter updates or a month if we decided to post bi-weekly updates, etc).

If you feel we are compatible and you are up to the challenge let me know. I am very serious about this.

Story Updates

*The Wind Dancer is currently on a semi-permanent hiatus as all of my notes, files, future chapters, and character write-ups have been deleted by a temperamental computer. I am still debating whether to bin it or build off what I have saved on this site.

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