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Hello :D If you've been on here before, you know that I've changed this profile a gajillion times. Let's just say I'm never happy with the outcome and I get bored really fast, hence my last profile "236 Things to Do When You're Bored." I'm also willing to bet that you are curious about my former screen name, beverages are hazardous to me. Well, it's a long story, but I'll tell you, I mean write you? I don't know. Well, for some reason, when I'm drinking something, my friends decide to do something funny. So say I'm at lunch in school and I just pick up the water bottle. My friend will try to make me laugh, and usually she succeeds, so obviously, I go into a choking fit. Let me tell, er write, you, not fun! There are also times when I'm not smart about the time when I drink something. Like at my school, at half-time during a football game, the band would perform then go off to the side to have lemonade. Well, you see, I'm in that band, but I'm also in something called "pit" and we have to leave early to put our instruments away, unlike the rest of the band. Well, I was drinking the lemonade and all of pit began to run over to the instruments to put them away so we wouldn't miss much of the game. Well, I was still swallowing the liquid when I was running and I started to choke. Since it has sugar, I continued to choke cuz it tickled my throat. Yeah, not the best experience for me. What's worse is that later on that evening, I had more water and another friend made me laugh and I choked again. Yeah, so the screen name is very appropriate for me...

I have the screen name, 6 Impossible Things, because I just watched the newer version of Alice in Wonderland by Disney. It was pretty good and I liked it. My favorite line was probably, "I believe in six impossible before breakfast." This of course brings on the thought of madness. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I'm insane in some cases. First, I talk in weird accents with my friends. Second, I made up a language called Mij with one of my friends. I won't tell you how it is spoken since it's a secret, but I find it ironic that both of us are short and Mij sounds like midget. Once me and my friend were at my grandparents house and we were playing spies. Mind you, this was last New Year's Eve. We came up with something called sprinkling where you go on your tip toes with your hands bent against your chest like a mouse might. In fact, this is why my little sister said once, "Can we play creepy mouse?" Another thing, I talk to myself often. Sometimes I'll answer myself, too. Plus my imagination goes hectic when I'm outside, in the dark, and in the woods. Let's just say those walks don't last long. I'm sure there are other things but to be honest, I don't remember them...

ATTENTION EVERYONE WHO GOES ON MY FORUMS!!! Until I say otherwise, I won't be on fictionpress on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, at least not until very late like now :P (It's about 9 PM)


Woah there... Haven't been here in awhile... Most of this stuff prolly isn't true anymore, but I'm not going to bother reading it.

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