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hiya people!:D as you may guess im a writer in my free time..i am 15 and a somewhat proud american
i take an intrest in writing evil charechters. but sadly they get killed by my freinds who help in creating the story. if you asked me in real life id probably tell you many things..but...the likeliness that that would happen is very slim.. in some versions of my stories i allign problems of the world to problems caused by the zades..but not often. i dont personally like racists,sexists homophobes or ignorant people so sorry if you are one of them i am mostly a mystery writer and if your wondering why my works are a bit melodramatic...thats because i think regular life is boring...there are many things i being art another being writing and sleeping (as most teenagers do...)...going outside...and...a few ...other things...
the things i hate would have to be...slow drivers.people who mock (and or correct rage)..yeah i hate that a lot...rude people...oh people who randomly start singing ...AND THE ZADES! OH GOD I HATE THEM! and dont tell me what i already know..that i cant stand...if you dont like something fix it offence but people stop relying on other people...
ps: im sorry for the constant point of veiw changes...but the point should be put across as simply as possible

...ok so basicly for those who dont know who and what the zades are...their a race from a planet called thei...and they look like humans..but theyre on adverage 8 inches taller than us...erm..they have metal tails and..almost all are evil corrupted...vain...insane or vengeful...sometimes all...but evil for no reason...

Other than that ...erm..i like pie?
(yo recent story update..anyway..sorry for such confusion..and such..this is actually being made by a friend and i at the same time thus..the word switches..any way review if you want anything to change and if u want ill allow other people to help in its creation whatevz hope u all enjoy)

Recently I deleted everything In the realization that it was out of order I hope that yous forgive me but at the end of April, there will be the first chapter of the first story. sorry for the inconvenience
the second website explains every aspect of the zades *horray for clarification!*