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IMPORTANT!!! I will be discontinuing the story THE LITTLE DAMNED for the time being as I am working on an even better novel which I hope to finish and get published. I will be putting it up on here in the upcoming months and would like to thank all of my readers from THE LITTLE DAMNED and invite them to read the beginnings of my new novel. I would greatly appreciate truthful feedback of my new novel and am looking for beta. This position will not be final as I am not sure whether I need a beta or not and anyone wishing to become a beta should first message me and ask what the 'job' entails and my rather picky rules about it. Thank you. I hope you will read my new novel, YES. + It's me again!

My name is Hannah Jaye Ward but you can call me either Hannah or Anna. I am 14 years old I am small and pixie-like and enjoy being so. I am a bubble goth girl, this is the part where people usually stop listening or reading, PLEASE DO NOT, I am goth not evil, I love my friends and family and do not want to die! I am also a Wiccan, yeah, this also earns me a lot of stares as well as bullying. Please do not judge me on the things like my religion or whether I like wearing black. So now we have that cleared up I am going to tell you a little bit more about me (that you probably do not care about) I have lots of hobbies and am pretty much up for anything! I enjoy:

Singing, combat training, dancing Ballet, Writing poetry, writing stories, writing fanfictions, horse riding, swimming, sketching, art, Harry Potter, Twilight, body boarding, climbing and playing my flute!

I tried to warn you there was a lot of things I like, the list of things I do not like is much shorter, I promise!

Football, people who betray their friends, people who tell secrets and people who say nasty things to hurt other people for no reason.

I do not do hugs. Ask any of my friends, they do not get hugs! I do not do smiley faces, instead I do these: ^X_x^ my own personal little kitty faces!!! I have wanted a cat for ages but am not allowed one so everything I do I try to include a cat!

Yay, more stuff about me you already know, stole it from my friend FezzesRCool25 ... luv you

Name: Hannah Jaye Ward

Username: KitEv3rgreen

Nickname: George

Harry Potter name: Alexia Catherine Davenport

Marauder: Padfoot

Skulduggery Pleasant name: Kit Evergreen / Chess Redtree

The Guy Name Your Friends Gave You: Fredrick

Hair: Fiery red-head that goes ginger in the summer.

Eyes: Greeny - blue with violet around the edges and close to my pupils.

Blood Status: Muggle born

House: Hufflepuff

Occupation: I'm in year 10 you scurvy dog. I am going to be a Pirate when I am older. Either that or one of the following: An Author or an Archaeologist.

Current Residence: Hogwarts.

Patronus: Lemming - my mum says I am like a lemming though I am not suicidal.

Loves: Books, Films, Writing, Drawing, Charlie Weasley, Doctor Who, Doctor Who Confidential, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Eragon, Twilight - yes I'm a bit of a Twihard get over it, I am a much bigger Harry Potter fan, Ballet, Horse Riding, Swimming, Singing, My gorgeous friends and sooooo much more.


Favourite Color: Dark Purple

Favourite Food: Cheese

Favourite Drink: TEA!!!

Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and all of the Skulduggery Pleasant books (And the rest of the Harry Potters) and the Inheritance cycle.

Favourite lesson: Charms. I'M JOKING! It's a cross between, Drama, Art, History and English.

Favourite Animal: Black Panther

Favourite Flower: Lavender

Favourite Season: Autumn

Favorite Actor: Jackson Rathbone

Favorite Actress: Bonnie Wright

Favourite People: Grace, Alice, Alice, Alice, Sophie, Louise, Cait, Jack, Holly, Emily, Kelly, Jade, everyone in my classes that is in my friend group too - there's quite a lot of them, anyone from Harry Potter, J.K.Rowling, L.J.Smith, Christopher Paolini, loads of other authors including Malorie Blackman.

Favorite Place to Shop: WATERSTONES / WHSmith / any good bookshop!!!

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Chapter 7 of The Dragon Boy, Chapter 10 of The Little Damned, Chapter 3 of The diary of an almost living girl, Chapter 4 of The tales of a Cheshire Cat, Chapter 3 of Behind the Spotlight Chapter 2 of Yes, Chapter 3 of Memories of the sea.

Think of a person who lives in disguise,

Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies,

Next tell me whats always the last thing to mend,

The middle of middle,

And end of end,

Finally give me a sound often heard,

During the search for a hard to find word.

Now string them together and answer me this,

Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?

Sure fire ways to know you’re obsessed with Harry Potter
1) There is at least one Harry Potter poster somewhere in your house
2) Hedwig’s Theme is the #1 most listened to song on your iPod
3) People who wear circular black glasses catch your attention
4) You own all of the books
5) You own all of the movies
6) You own all of the video games, even if you don’t play video games
7) When you look onto your computer screen, there’s Luna with her Spectrespecs on, staring back at you
8) You tend to daydream with the characters, in adventures where you’re a Hogwarts student
9) You one day dream of marrying Neville Longbottom, or any of the other Harry Potter guys or girls
10) You once stayed up until 4:00 in the morning trying to finish a part in one of the books, and eventually fell asleep with your book
11) You have fallen asleep reading your Harry Potter book to all hours of the night more than once
12) You nearly pass out if you see a tear in one of your books, even if you do need a microscope to see it
13) You have taken a Harry Potter Sorting Quiz just to see who would be your friends at Hogwarts
14) You have taken various Harry Potter Sorting Quizzes, refusing to believe you’re a Hufflepuff (Actually I was sorted into Slytherin on the quiz... 'cause I'm a rebel ;)) (I enjoy being a Hufflepuff)
15) People with messy black hair and green eyes catch your attention, too
16) Every time you see a toad, you think, ‘Trevor!’
17) You tend to look at people and make comparisons to characters in the books because of their appearance
18) You have nicknamed at least one of your teachers Snape, to yourself, because of how much hate boils inside of you at the sight of them
19) You turn your Harry Potter fantasies into Fanfictions!
20) When you watch sports you think of Quidditch
21) When you get dressed, you think, ‘Hey, this looks like something Ginny would wear!’
22) You have, at least once, come running into the streets shouting ‘Save the Crumple-Horned Snorkack!’
23) You immediately dislike anyone who says Harry Potter books stink.
24) You life-long goal is to get J.K. Rowling’s autograph, even if you have to cross vast deserts for it
25) Every time you see a cat, you stop to see if it has squares around its eyes that look like spectacles
26) You refer to doctors as Healers
27) Every time you see plants you think of Neville
28) You tend to run and scream for your life every time you see a bald guy who looks suspiciously like Voldemort (Yes, Tom Riddle himself!)
29) You wonder if your dentists are Hermione’s parents
30) When you see a dying plant, you think, ‘Neville would be ashamed!’
31) You yell at the movie screen because they left out one of your favorite parts in the books
32) You get upset when they change things in the movies
33) You stare at all dogs closely, hoping its Sirius Black in disguise
34) You secretly hope and think you are a wizard and will receive a letter from Hogwarts any day now
35) When you can’t find things, you find yourself pointing an imaginary wand at the spot where you think it is and say, ‘Accio Book!’
36) You wish that your school bus would one day take you to Hogwarts
37) When someone gets on your nerves, you find yourself muttering under your breath, ‘Avada Kedavra.’
38) The last name Potter catches your attention.
39) You find yourself striking up a conversation with someone who you barely talk to just because they’re reading a Harry Potter book.
40) You automatically correct people when they misquote the movies or books. They stare.
41) You find yourself begging your family to give the series a chance and watch the movies if they’re too lazy or ‘too busy’ to read the books
42) After one of the movies end, and your family is begging for you to tell them what happens next, you tell them your lips are sealed and they’ll never find out unless they read the books or wait for the next movie to come out in a year and a half
43) You plan to start a Potter fan army!!
44) Every time you see an owl, you look for a letter or package it might be carrying with it
45) When you’re the only one in your house, you find yourself riding around on a sweeping broom screaming, ’10 points for Gryffindor! Take that Slytherins!’
46) You copy and paste this onto your profile, then write down this entire list in a notebook.

Added by me

47) You have geek offs after you hear someone talking about Harry Potter (it is usually you)

48) You WILL be one of the characters in later life

49) Your ginger identicle twin sister's nickname is Fred and yours is George

50) You climb trees and sit in them screaming "Get off me you bloody plant! Whose stupid idea was it to plant a whomping willow in my garden?"

51) Dragon's are not cuddly or cute and they DO exist, Charlie says so

52) You do not find it funny what there is a sign on the library door that says 'the library is closed until further notice'

53) Mrs Norris follows you around corners pretending to be every cat you see on your travels

54) You carve faces into oranges and pretend it's hallowe'en

55) You find yourself walking along singing : "Hogwarts Hogwarts hoggy warty Hogwarts!"

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The Diary Of An Almost Living Girl
My name is Fawn, unfortunate I know, this is my journal. The first thing you need to know about me is I have no family, not anymore. The second thing you need to know about me is I'm dying. This is the diary of the last twelve months of my life.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,794 - Updated: 1/6/2013 - Published: 1/3/2013
The Little Damned reviews
"I'm scared" she said, "don't leave me" "I will never leave you" How could anyone leave a child? I found a small child in the most unlikely place, all alone. She looked so helpless, so I took her in. You shouldn't always take things that aren't yours.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 13,604 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 9/5/2011 - Published: 7/16/2011