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Greetings, one and all.

Welcome to my drawer! this is my corner of creative writing. The pieces I'll upload here are my own fantasy stories, written for fun or as exercises.

I am very connected to my characters. they are my children of ink and paper, and I ask that you respect them and me, and do not use them unless

given permission.

In other words, steal them and I'll chew you into kibble.

My work is rated between T and M, so use moderation in reading, please.

Also, I must make clear that English is NOT my first language, so please, if you wish to criticize me on my grammer, take that into consideration.

Thank you, and have a pleasant reading!

I now have a Tumblr, where you can contact me and do many things! you can:
1) Ask me questions about Averine and Shadow's refuge and my characters
2) make requests! You want to see me write something? Want a short story about one of my characters? Want to see some sde stories and background stories? Ask! I do not promise I'll have the time to do it right away, but I'll consider every request and heed it if at all possible :)

3) Ask my characters questions in person! Have a question or comment for Therazin? Kell? Kat? use the Askbox to ask them questions or comment directly to them. I'l make them answer. Even if I have to bribe Ther with cookies.

I'll be posting answers to questions I'm asked there, and a few extras! I'll be giving you snippets of my writing process there, as well as tell of my struggles with SR and writing in general. someitmes I'l share pics or sketches of my characters and worlds as I worldbuild it.

So come over! I dont bite :)

My Tumblr- Notes from Averine. Just search kaiannae on Tumblr, or try here:


Um, dont kill me? XD I'm really really sorry for my lack of updates. last year of first degree is a pain in the- um, many places. I AM still working on the next chapter, I promise. see my Tumblr for some updates. I will do my best to write about my progress and maybe show some snippets of this and other works in there. If I cant post a chapter, maybe I can at least keep you entertained with my writing frustrations *grin* the current chapter is already 3 pages long and I usualy make them 7-8 pages long, so its more or less half done? thurd done? eheh... I'm awful. I know.
hopefully, I'll manage to gain progress soon and have sometihng for you.

Yael, out.


Yes! I'm here, alive and (relatively) well! My degree studies are still sucking my life, but I did finally manage to finish that much agonized-over chapter and post it! And its even a double length chapter!
In other news, I came to a conclusion that the review system does not provide nearly enough communication with my readers. I'm sure some of you have questions, suggestios, requests, even simple comments that are just not getting through, and most of the times I find myself unable to answer what does get through, because of FP's mechanism. so I've decided to give up and open my own tumblr, just for commmunication with my readers!
just search Kaiannae on tumblr, or go here:
be patient with me though. I have limited free time.

Yael- out.

The Dark Of Night by A.A.B. Bryant reviews
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