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Hey guys I'm Pepe, and I'm 18 years old. Not sure if i will ever upload anything but I love reading all the diverse stories on this website. I try to keep my review honest and to the point (which some people might not like). If any authors reading this would like me to beta or review PM me and I will get on it, but know that I'm not perfect! I manly read romance and supernatural (no I am not obsessed with twilight and I have read many stories that I personally feel are way better) but I am open to read anything. So good luck to all writers, may you have a productive year, but don't forget to have fun writing and remember the bigger picture. And to all readers, have fun reading because there are some really talented writers on this website that work very hard for you.


color; purple

band; Muse, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, Hans Zimmer( i know hes not a "band" but his music is amazing), two steps from hell, audiomachine, Thomas J. Bergersen, Future World Music

flower; lavender(amazing smell!!!!)

animal; black panther

athlete; Lionel Messi, I LOVE HIM!!


I am a girl. (haha yeah i know, that technically doesn't count. DEAL WITH IT XD)

I play the violin, have been playing since fourth grade, that about 10 years.

I love writing/ reading/ editing stories, I have some of my own not sure if I should put them up yet.

I have the ability to memorize things quickly(has saved my butt from failing test I have completely forgotten about)

I am pretty laid back and chill, but if you poke mama bear with a stick your going to get it.


skydive: sure when and where?

run away: there better be a rrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllyyy good reason for it!!!

curse at a teacher: no that is completely out of place and disrespectful my parents taught me better.

unscrew your celphone to see whats inside?: OMG Yes!!!!! but since I'm so bad with all types of tech it would probably explode on me.

visit a foreign country: of course, I am dying to go to Italia!!!!

write a book: definitely if i had the talent


Fruit/vegetables: fruit

Black/white: white

Lights on/lights off: off, less heat

TV/movie: movie

Body spray/lotion: body spray

Cash/check: cash, bank people are annoying no I do not want to open an account with you leave me alone!!!

Pillows/blankets: blankets because they are cool!

Headache/stomach ache: if I had to pick, headache, at least that dosent make you want to throw up

Paint/charcoal: Paint, charcoal is too messy

Chinese food/Mexican food: mexican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum

Summer/winter: Summer!!! I hate snow

Snow/rain: rain, it means good luck

Fog/misty: fog, I hate it when the weather doesn't get better or worse it kinda just sits there. I mean come on it's either raining or not PICK ONE!!!!

Rock/rap: Rock, haven't found rap that I like yet, but I'm open to both

Meat/vegetarian: I have never tried being a vegetarian, don't think i could be because i now eat meat out of habit.

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