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Hello anyone who might be reading this profile, you may know me from FanFiction as CityGirl13, but I have now left that wonderful world to focus more on writing my own stories. I'm hoping to have some up here soon, just as a way of getting them up, but updates will be slow as I don't always write my stories in the order that they're to be read in...

It also takes me forever to keep track/update, and I do like to only go one story at a time, but we'll see what happens.

Also, if you don't already know her please check out Maddie Rose, she's an amazing author.
I am also writing a story with her titled: Flagrante Delicto, would be great if you wanted to check it out!

In slow and gradual progress:

And the Wind They Call Mariah...
Young Adult
In the small town of Paradiso everyone knows everybody, and anyone who leaves will always come home. That rule applies even to Mariah Matherson, who left town running from a guilt that she never escaped from. Now she's back and trying to find a place among friends and family she left with no goodbyes, and fighting the secret she's held inside of her for so long.
Main Characters: [Mariah Matherson] [Kelsey Cameron] [Eddie Hargreaves] [Charlie Vaughn] [Joseph Matherson] [Theresa Matherson]

Potentially coming at some point in the near or far future:

A Pandemonium of Parrots (Book 1 in the Play duology)
In the country of Tor there is one particular profession which is looked down upon by everyone in the vicious class system; acting. To be an actor is to be a fake and a liar, and that's a lesson that Valarie has had drilled into her every day of her life. But when Felix, leader of a travelling acting Troupe turns up in her life, she begins to question all of those lessons she was taught.
Main Characters: [Valarie] [Jontein] [Felix]

Cerebro (Book 1 in the Placebo trilogy)
In the modern world people have surfaced with the most incredible abilities, ranging from telekinesis to flight, these seemingly naturally evolving Talents have rocked the world. But there's a secret surrounding everything that this world is built on, and it would have remained secret, if not for telepath Jordan Fischer. His powers gone and the might of the Government desperately trying to exterminate him, he has two words which could unravel everything. Project Cerebro.
Main Characters: [Jordan Fischer] [Renee Fischer] [Dana Nichols] [Dr. Katy Munro] [Bruce Reichs] [Laine Reichs]

Summer Johnsson woke up in hospital with police questioning her, and no memory of her life before that day. Parents and a fiancee come to claim her, and five years later her life is as stable as can be for someone with only a few years of true memories. But then a half-familiar face turns up in her life, and suddenly she's left wondering if everything she was told was all just a lie. Without a clear idea of who she as or why she was lied to, Summer begins to frantically search out the truth, even if it could destroy everything she has.
Main Characters: [Summer Johnsson/Una Arshanova] [Landon Truscott] [Viktor Smirnov]

The Autumn Effect

India Harding had never felt unsafe. She had a loving family, close friends, and a boyfriend who would all die before they let anything bad happen to her. So how is it that nothing can stop the stream of unsettling letters from a ‘secret admirer’? With each note becoming more and more personal and frightening, India finds herself getting closer to breaking point. With everything she does being watched, can she trust even those closest to her?
Main Characters: [India Harding] [Michaela Rochester] [Niel Fenton]

The Ghan
Zane’s running, he doesn't care where, he only knows that he needs to get away. Oscar and Eustace, twin brothers with a taste for mischief are escaping, and the only safe place for them is nowhere. Kylie is hiding, but from what she won’t say. The railroad sweeps these four teenagers together, but it’s up to them if they remain like that.
Main Characters: [Kylie Royce] [Zane Macanmara] [Eustace & Oscar Briggs] [Jenna]

Dystopian Sci-Fi

In a future where radioactive waste poisons the outside world, the majority of human life now resides in great cities crafted entirely of lead. But the Inside holds its own toxin, and traps people from the healing Outside. A group of Outers are sent in to save them, before it’s too late.
Main Characters: [Elyon] [Cameron] [Mycah] [Lexi] [Rani] [Cora] [Nixon] [Sampson] [Austin] [Bradlt]

Angels Fall First
Young Adult

Lyria was always good, always the responsible one, and she was never sure why, until a car accident left her able to see shadows forever trying to reach her brother, but kept away by her. What is she? Why is she there? And how much is she allowed to find out, before she puts everything in jeopardy.
Main Characters: [Lyria Bough] [Sam Bough] [Drake Lewis] [Rena Sammuel] [Aeron]

Link (Book 1 in the Link trilogy)

Alice Wanders had enough on her plate with juggling caring for her mother and university, and she didn't need anything to mess up the careful balance she had. Which is exactly what happens when her mother insists that they take in a strange man who stumbles out of nowhere with no memory except that his name is Hatter.
Main Characters: [Alice Wanders] [Hatter Faladrin]

Sci-Fi/Young Adult

Dreamscaping is the most sought after luxury around, but it’s also the most illegal, to take over someone’s mind and fill it with your own fantasies is one of the most offensive crimes. This is the world that Nacola Danvers wakes up to when she is rescued from a Dreamhouse. And this is the world in which she must try to find the answers to questions she doesn't yet know to ask.
Main Characters: [Nacola Danvers] [Perrin Walcott] [Freida Heights] [Jacob McTaggart] [Felicity Branson]

Underworld (Book 1 in the Underworld chronicles)
Young Adult/Mythology

When James Luther dies an untimely death on Earth, he finds that his breif life has lead to an eternity in the Underworld. That is not a thrilling prospect for anyone, but James finds someone to ease the burden of his now forever dark days. The only problem is, that person is Aleera, the daughter of Hades.
Main Characters: [Aleera] [James & Damon Luther] [Penelope Handover] [Taylor Freewin] [William Andrews]

Here Lies Lily
When the body of Lily Forrest is found dead in the graveyard, the entire town is thrown into shock, but no one more so than her brother, Brian. His life is socked to the core, consumed by grief and anger, there is only one thing on his mind now. Finding the monster that did this, and ending them.
Main Characters: [Brian Forrest] [Lily Forrest] [Peter Barton] [Jackson Holloway]

The Road to War (Book 1 in the Echoes Saga)
After only one generation of peace, war threatens the land of Dashkar, causing the Kings and Queens to divide themselves in an effort to gain more allies for their nation. King Matthwin rides to the battle, unsure if he will ride back. Queen Celine and King Sorrin go to Moral, a country that they have never known friendship with, in an effort to garner support. While Queen Nickia is forced to remain at the Citadel, not knowing if her family will survive, not knowing how long her country will stand for.
Main Characters: [Matthwin] [Celine] [Sorrin] [Nickia] [Nixa] [Luther] [Kimber] [Toram]

Blood Red Princess (Book 1 in the Covarin Quartet)
As the war between the neighboring countries of Cova and Rin nears eighteen years in length, the Rinnian armies, led by their Crown Princess, continue to press further and further into Cova. As a desperate measure, Mishrale is sent in as a spy, but the outcome of this action could cause even more pain, for everyone.
Main Characters: [Tatum] [Mishrale] [Egron] [Linna] [Bullim]

Greener Grass
When your brother has just been released from prison, you're meant to help him out and stand by him, aren't you? Even is it means sacrificing the future you've fought for, and turning to a life you'd never thought you'd lead.If your culture and heritage dictates that you must remained tied to your family, whether you want to be or not, you're meant to go along with it, aren't you? At the cost of your own freedom, dreams, and everything you've ever struggled to receive?
Main Characters: [Lance Matthews] [Katerina Adornetti] [Jasper Matthews]

Jean Riding never liked secrets, especially not that one about her parents getting a divorce, which left her only haven as her grandmother’s house. But when she is kidnapped by a mysterious group known only as Nameless, she finds that the darkest and most dangerous secrets the ones you keep close to your heart.
Main Characters: [Jean Riding] [Wolfe Powel] [Stephanie Banaszynski] [Hunter York]

I Will Not be a Tragedy

My name is Juliet Capris, and until Romeo Monrin showed up, my life was amazing. But then everyone started trying to set us up, all because of some stupid Shakespeare play. Has anyone forgotten the little detail Romeo and Juliet in that play died? I so did not need my life turning into a soap opera right now, let alone a Shapespearian drama.
Main Characters: [Juliet Capris] [Romeo Monrin] [Benji Monrin] [Tyler Capris] [Micky Vesper] [Ronnie Capris]

Raise Your Hand

Christina Madison knows to raise her hand when she has a question, and when she’s drowning. What happens when her life starts to spiral so far out of control, that she’s feeling both at the same time?
Main Characters: [Christina Madison] [Cedric Reilly]

Ground Zero

As the human population continued to grow, space on earth ran out, and as they could no logner build upon the surface, they built up. Zoren Hadrill Bennett is a privileged member of Ground Nine, and has known nothing but luxury for her entire life. Until she meets Skit. A former worker from Ground Zero, now turned petty Smuggler, his life couldn’t have been more different from hers. But their growing friendship is more dangerous than either could ever have imagined. There was a reason so many rules were imposed between the Layers, and the closer the two become, the most risk they place on themselves, and on the very foundations their society lives on.
Main Characters: [Zoren Hardill Bennett] [Skit] [Skye]

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50 Shades of Green
When given the concept of 'jealousy', we were told to make a story out of it. Here is my idea of it, and what it might mean to some people.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: K - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 739 - Favs: 4 - Published: 2/26/2013 - Complete
And the Wind They Call Mariah reviews
In the small town of Paradiso everyone knows everybody, and anyone who leaves will always come home. That rule applies even to Mariah Matherson, who left town running from a guilt that she never escaped from. Now she's back and trying to find a place among friends and family she left with no goodbyes, and fighting hte secret she's held inside of her for so long.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 653 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 1/1/2013