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Hello FictionPress here are a few things you should know about me:

Three of my strong points as a writer:

1) Writing in one point of veiw consistantly.

2) Charactor develpoment.

3) Connections and Creativity

Three of my struggles as a writer:

1) I always want to get ahead of myself when writing, often wanting to jump from one part to another.

2) When I get writers block, i get it bad, and I start to lack commitment.

3) Spelling and Punctuation. I've always been bad at spelling and I either get lazy with my punctuation or add a million more comas than I should.

My Sacred Code of Updating: Is a little sporradic.

Often I will be away from the site for a couple of days or I have work. So writing every day (or every other day for that matter) can be a bit of a problem. I will try to keep up as often as I can :)

Current Project(s):

Daughter of Vengeance

This is the story of Olivia. She was born into the Royal Family of the Western Lands. The western and Eastern Lands have been on the verge of an all out war for a very long time. In a last ditch effort to stop it the Western Lord and Lady promise to give Olivia (thier eldest child and supposed to be heir) to them as a bride for their son Eric. A peace treat is made between the two and all is supposed to be well. Ofcourse without conflict this story would be boring so being the evil author I am, I'm going to mess things up. The Eastern Lands has no intention of keeping any promises after the wedding. Olivia learns of their plans and after failing to convince her parents and country of their treacherouse ways has no choice but to flee for her life, thus breaking the treaty. Feeling guilty and betrayed, Olivia takes it upon herself to put things right. This is a story of love, life, struggle, and triumph, with some classic kick ass princess attitude to spice it up (and give a few laughs). It follows the style of a lot of teenage novels on the market today (minus the Vampires and Wearwolves, dont worry nothing sparkles in this novel that isnt supposed to).

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