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Hey I'm sprx77lover01 but you probably already know that cuz your on my profile, but hey if you didn't that's okay lolz.

Gender: Female

Fave Color: Red

Fave Animal: Dolphin and Griffin

Fave Food: Chicken Legs

Lucky Number: 77 and 8

Nickname: Epic and sprx77lover01

Language: English

About Me: I love drawing, and I am a little shy at some points, I do not have a fave band/song because there may be one day that i find a new fave band/song and i also have a whole bunch of bands that i don't even know about yet. I am not a girl who is afraid of everything i like to explore and get my feet wet and i love bugs but not spiders. i love making new friends and learning more thing about that new friend.

Pet Peeves: I hate it when I forget things, and i hate it when I get accused for things i didn't even do, I hate it when I get bossed around by school kids or my brother and sisters, I hate it when i have nothing to do, I hate it when people get in fights, i hate it when I hurt my friend or when i am in the middle of something and i have to go do something, and i hate it when im in the middle of a fight that's not my fight