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Hi Ithinkilikecheese here. I know the name is kinda stupid, actually really stupid, but it was the first thing that came to me. I am a fifteen year old boy who is way to mature for his own good. I enjoy people, and love animals Its all good.

Things you have to know about me to be my friend...

I am smart. All a student

I find annoying people annoying (if that makes sense)

I like video games a lot (but i am surpriseingly not a geek)

The annoying things hasnt been working for some reason, since a lot of my friends are down right crazy.

Things that you probably don't want to know...

I have a love for cheese. For certain cheeses anyway.

Enough about me, what about you. Just review, and we can have a conversation through my stories. If anyone reads them. I plan on doing a lot of different stories, so look of for me.

Other things you might want to know.

I am sixteen, I love anime and the Hunger Games (wonderful series).

I am really nice to get along with.

I'm pretty good at singing if I say so myself. I love reading stories that have wonderful descriptions, that just pulls me, and if I'm dissapointed it's a really big bummer

All of you should check out . It's a website that challenges you to write a 50,000 worded novel in a month, not pages. It's eexciting

I love inside jokes with a passion, and have a deep hate for censorship! Haha inside joke!

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Tessa Redeker, a girl with amazing abilities, finds out that her entire world isn't what it seems and the people she called her parents had been lying to her since her birth. After being attacked on her way home from school, she is thrust into a power struggle that has been going on for sixteen years and she is the unwilling piece to decide the fate of a world she has never known.
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The Rolling, Green Field by OfNaught reviews
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Conviction by Tane reviews
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