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Age: 14

Shortened Pen Name: Annime

Real Name: I'm not telling you --_--

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I may not use this account for a while because I'm not THAT big of a fan of writing original stories (but i have multiple stories on fanfiction). But, if i get any good ideas, i will try this place out. So, i kinda got this just to have one...yeah... ONE DAY A DAD COMES HOME DRUNK AND MAD. HE PULLS OUT A GUN AND SHOOTS HIS WIFE AND THEN TURNS THE GUN ON HIMSELF. HIS LITTLE GIRL SITS BEHIND THE COUCH CRYING. THE POLICE CAME AND TOOK THE LITTLE GIRL TO A NEW FAMILY. HER FIRST DAY TO SUNDAY SCHOOL SHE WALKS INTO THE BUILDING AND SEES A PICTURE OF JESUS ON THE CROSS. THE LITTLE GIRL ASKS THE TEACHER: How did that man get off the cross? THE TEACHER REPLIED: He never did. THE LITTLE GIRL ARGUED: Yes he did when mommy and daddy fought he sat next to me behind the couch telling me everything was gonna be alright... 66 of u won't repost this. BUT REMEMBER THE BIBLE SAID, ''DENY JESUS IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDS AND I WILL DENY YOU IN FRONT OF MY FATHER."Repost this IF YOUR NOT ASHAMED. Let God's love spread

My Characters...

Dentiny of the Stones:

Phebe Nowell: Phebe is 15 and the so called "eighth stone keeper". She was born and grew up in Baltimore. She goes to a bording school called Gladwin Academy. She is the new girl who had always wanted to go to this school that wasn't too far from her home. She has curly light-deep red hair that goes to her shoulders (she wears it down) and blue-green eyes. She has light skin with a very light shade of freckles on her face. Phebe usually dresses in jeans, cute t-shirts, and hoodies and/or jackets.

Gwen Cinton: Gwen is 15 a stone keeper and knew she had powers since she was five. She has the power of water. She kept this secret from her parents though. Gwen has straight, long, light brown hair she wears down and sky-blue eyes. She mostly dresses in nice collar shirts and knee-high skirts. She goes to Gladwin Academy and has since kindergarden.

Tracey Manson: Tracey didn't know she had the power of fire until an insident happened in cooking class when she was in second grade. The stone keepers who had already been discovered confronted her about it. Tracey is 15 and has boy-short dark blonde hair and brown eyes. She likes to wear long sleave punk-rock shirts, and dark jeans and jackets. She goes to Gladwin Academy.

Janet Styles:Janet (14) knew from the age of 9 that she had the power of air when flying a kite at the park one day. She has thigh-long, wavy platinum blonde hair (she wears in a pony tale) and green eyes. She likes to wear light skinny jeans, short sleave and colorful t-shirts, and long-lengthy shawls. She goes to Gladwin Academy.

Chase Powers:Chase is 15. He was the first to figure out that he had powers when he was 3 years old, and his parents told him to keep it a secret. He has the power of earth. He has black hair that naturally spikes and deep-blue eyes. He likes to wear anything colorful that sends out a strong and powerful image. He goes to Gladwin Academy.

Spencer Adams: Spencer is 16, making him the oldest of the stone keepers. He found out about his electric powers in 3rd grade. He has medium brown and straight hair. His eyes are hazel-green. He likes to wear anything that is neon or bright (but he chooses neon more). He goes to Gladwin Academy.

Vance Buckley: Vance is 13, the youngest of the stone keepers. He has the power of shadows, and he found this out when he was 10. He has straight very dark drown hair. His bangs are long so that he can cover his dark brown eyes. He likes to wear black or really dark cloths. He also likes to have chains hang from his jeans and spiky belts. He goes to Gladwin Academy.

Emily Dabney:Emily is 14. She discovered her power of light when she was seven. She has wavy strawberry-blonde hair and gray-blue eyes. Her hair goes down four inches past her shoulders and she almost always wears it in a tight ballerina bun. She wears light colors cloths. These cloths consist of frilly skirts, cute t-shirts, and short jackets. She goes to Gladwin Academy.

Amy Franks: Amy is 15 and Phebe's new roommate at Gladwin Academy. She is just a normal teen, so she's not a stone keeper. She has short, dark blonde hair that goes to her chin and gets shorter as it goes to the back.

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