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Maydo here! ^.^

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty lazy at profile thingys, so I'm gonna make this short and quick.

I'm from the (no offense ) bi-polar state of Texas! ('s so messed up over here it isn't even funny. Gets too cold and too hot DX)

I'm into anime and Asiany stuff (cuz I'm Asian!) and I'm also into Harry Potter and Twilight (well now I am). I have a Fanfiction account too under MaydoMia so if you wanna check out those stories you can.

Currently one story on Fictionpress (you can guess who I'm suppose to be can't you?) called The Adventures of Rini and Maydo! It's just a story based off of whatever me and my friends were doing at school, except in the story we're munchkins :3

Pretty into reading when I wanna. Just to lazy to do it sometimes...

I like PURPLE! :D


The Adventures of Rini and Maydo!- Is my first story on Fictionpress! Like I said above, it's just a story based off of my friends. It's pretty cute and I'm excited for the munchkins so you guys can check them out! Oh and I'm probably am going to make a Polyvore sooner or later for this story :3 *more about my Polyvore below*


Probably the weirdest thing about my profile...

"Oh Shizzle McMuffin Spice >.

"GO TO JAIL! GO TO JAIL!" -LuanLegacy from his video I ALWAYS Win At Monopoly

"When life hand you a lemon, say,'Oh yeah, I like lemons! What else ya got?'" - Henry Rollins

"Dumbnut!" - TexasHomeSlice (She called me that TONS of times at school...)

"I see a school with a light...and some grass. I see a school with a light... *deep voice* and some grass..." - LuanLegacy from his video Dumb Girl At The Bustop (XD BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I still can't get over that!)

"What the heo?"- Pun from a shirt I saw :) If you know what language that last word is, that's the kind of Asian I am! :D YAY!

"Chee!/Chi! ^.^" - My catch phrase for some time :P

"You see that idiot nearly passing out in the heat? That dummy over there wearing a black shirt and black jeans? Yeah...I'm that idiot..." - TexasHomeSlice

Okay I THINK that's it...

Polyvore- I have one :D Can you guess my username?

I can explain! Not EVERYTHING I use has a username of MaydoMia. My original Polyvore name was NinjaRawr! But then we had to pick a new one and I ended up with my 2nd choice maydomia :P But Now It's easier to find me! Haha...

Okay so I don't have anything TAORAM (you guys know what that stand for right?) related on here yet, but I will soon. All the sets (well most of them) are for my *ahem* Justin...Bieber story on Fanfiction c: Don't judge, it's pretty good story if I must say. :P Check out my other account for info on that if you guys wanna read it.

Err...I'm kinda lazy at the Profile thing to tell yo the in ANY profile. I'm too lazy to fill it out all the way. But that's basically it for now!

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A Little Piece of History
Kyle and Emma Young's diner has always been a popular hot spot in the town of Scarlett. Ali Linh works as their busgirl, and working there has always been an average thing for her until a gentleman from England moves into town with his family. With a new diner threatening Kyle and Emma's business though, a happy ending is something that's out of everyone's reach.
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Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,590 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 3/23/2013 - Published: 11/23/2012
The Adventures of Rini and Maydo! reviews
Little munchkins! This story basically surrounds a group of wait for it Kindergartners! :D Join Rini, Maydo, Lea, Evey, and even more munchkins as they go through the fun of school! :3 These crazy kids are pretty entertaining :P
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