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I keep trying to make new profiles, but I can't seem to do it. Especially since my old one is good already. Another reason is because I keep trying to update it when I'm at school, so I usually don't get around to it, and then X it out.

But since I have nothing better to do, I'll give it another shot. But don't be surprised if you see some of the same stuff. I'm mostly just cleaning up unnecessary things. Such as stories I've deleted.

I'm going to try new things when it comes to my stories. Much like my sister, I thought it would be funny to talk to them. So instead of putting their description, I will put a Q and A with my characters. I mean, you don't really need the summary of a story, when it's right at the bottom of the page. But I am considering replacing the one's I have with the old ones.

Now, onto the stories:

Would I Rather?

First Question: If you could describe your personality, how would you?

Lucius- Paranoid of everyone and everything.

Miranda- Wow, I'm surprised. You actually answered honestly. Anyway, I would describe myself as loving and caring, but maybe a little too self absorbed. Because if you don't tell me something, I won't notice it.

Ellie- Isn't that called obliviousness? But as for me, I would say that I am a loving mother type person.

Aimee- I couldn't agree more. As for me, I think of myself also like a mother, but the mother who would smack you upside the head if you did something stupid. So I guess, the strict mother.

Lucius- Couldn't be more wrong.

Isotope- I would say that I am a really protective person, but is so focused on others, that I forget to focus on myself.

Gina- I agree. Now, about me...hmm...I guess I would say that I am the one in the group who is always willing to listen to what you have to say.

Miranda- Aren't we all like that?

Gina- Yes, but I'm more so than you guys.

Nathaniel- I would have to say that I like the things I like, and if I like you, I am possessive over you. If I do not like you, I don't talk to you. *Pats Lucius on the head*

Second Question: Would you rather just an over sized sweat shirt, and nothing else, or just a pair of pants and nothing else?, just no.

Gale- Pants. Because I look sexy in pants.

Mindy- Pants. Because if I was just going commando, with just a shirt, it might give people the wrong impression.

Gale- Yeah, it would certainly give me the wrong impression.

Mindy- See.

Evan- Just an over sized sweatshirt.

*All of them imagine him in just an over sized sweatshirt*

Lucius- Dammit, why'd you make me think of that?!

Gale- Gross!

Mindy- Hmm...

Gale- Mindy!

Mindy- I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding!

God of Tricks

First Question: What's your favorite color?

Icarus- really couldn't have thought of a more creative question? It's okay, I guess...but wow.

T.R.- You didn't answer the question at all. Anyway, my favorite color is white.

Icarus- White is a shade.

T.R.- *Glares at Icarus* I'm not gonna get into this with you.

Dionysus- *Snorts*

Second question- How do you imagine your deaths?

Icarus- Well, I'm actually hoping to become immortal, so...

T.R.- I'm already immortal, so...

Dionysus- *Snorts*

(Just so you know, Dionysus is immortal)

You're my baby

First Question: Who do you hate most in the world?

Leah- Probably Walter.

Sapphire- Wow, you answered so fast! Anyway for me, I'd have to say...Danny.

Garret- Who's Danny?

Ash- *Giggles*

Second Question: Who are you in love with?

Leah- Um...*thinks about Roger* No one!

Sapphire- Um...*thinks about Leah* Me neither!

Garret- Oh, um...*also thinks about Leah* Me, three!

Ash- *Giggles*

Clarence- I didn't miss the Q and A, did I?

Roger- Please tell me we didn't miss it.

Garret- Trust me, you didn't miss much.

Me- Hey!

Project FT

First Question: Do you ever want to get married?

Humpty- I've known that I'd have to get married since birth. It's not really A question of whether I want it or not.

Kaido- Um..I thought I was asexual before meeting my little werewolf, so I guess I've never really thought about it. But if I had to

Humpty- You're taking too long!

Moonue- My true love is dead, so I'm kind of angry that you asked in the first place.

Alice- *Embaressed* Um...I don't know..maybe..*blushes*

Me- *Sees how excited Alice is, and cringes* Ooh, that's too bad.

Second Question: Sex or Cuddling?


Kaido- Um...

Humpty- You better say cuddling!

Moonue- Yeah, my lover, STILL DEAD! But thanks for asking anyway.

Alice- SEX!

*Everyone looks at her*

Alice- What?

Just Flip the Switch

First Question: If you could only say one word for the rest of your life, what would it be?

S- Hello. At least I'd be able to meet new people.

Bougue- Damn, is there a reason you gave US the hard question? But if I had to At least I could always ask people to get me food.

S- Actually, if you always said pizza, they probably wouldn't know when you wanted. You know, since you're always saying it, and all.

Dia- George. Because I could get some weird stares.

Bougue- Unless you were calling out to someone named George.

Second Question: What's your favorite Holiday?

S- Okay, I see you didn't really want to put that much effort into our second question. But anyway, my fave holiday is Sing a Long Day.

Bougue- That's not a holiday. What is that even?

S- I don't know why I said that. I don't even remember something called Sing a Long day.

Dia- That's weird.

Allan- *Peeks out from behind a door* My favorite is Sing a Long Day, as well.

First Words

First Question: If you could be anything in the entire world, what would it be?

Carter- A cat. I'd get treated like loyalty, and I don't have any responsibilities.

Gideon- Unless you were a street cat. Which I think you'd be.

Carter- You just have to ruin everything I love, don't you?

Dolly- Um, boys. I'm pretty sure the question wanted to know what you wanted to be when you grow up. You know, like an ocupation?

Carter- Well, the question should have been more specific.

Question- *Gives look of disgusted offence*

Marley- I want to be the first man on Mars!

He who shall not be named- Um...okay...

Second Question: Cats or dogs?

Carter- Is there a reason your second question always suck?

Icarus- Actually, it was my first question that sucked.

Me- Icarus! Get back to your own universe! *pushes Icarus into his story*

Gideon- Dog.

Dolly- You don't want to elaborate, honey?

Gideon- Nope.

Marley- Cat. They're just so intelligent.

He who shall not be named- Actually, dogs are better than cats. For many reasons. Such as-

Marley- *Heated glare*

He who shall not be named- Um..never mind...but dogs are still better.

Slug Creature- *Pops its head out of the ground*

Gideon- *Runs over to it* Guys, it's the slug creature, look!

*Everyone rolls their eyes*

Some Nights

First Question: If you could change anything in the whole world, what would it be?


Louis- *Runs over to Edward, and hugs him* It's okay. It's okay.

Simon- Getting arrested.

*Louis and Edward stare at him*

Simon- Actually, never mind. I just realized that if I never got arrested, I never would have met Lokni. So scratch that.

Second Question: What's your description of the perfect day?

Edward- Hanging out with Simon, and then hanging out with Louis.

Louis- Every day is perfect as long as Edward is around me.

Simon- Probably visiting my prison friends, and then hanging out with Edward. Then, I'd finish the day hanging out with Lokni. To me, that's the perfect day.

*Louis and Edward stare at him*

Unwanted Reality

First Question: If you could name your child anything, what would it be?

Jade- Really? We're in this situation, and you ask THAT question? If you can't tell, we're kind of busy dealing with other stuff right now.

John- Yeah, I hear the questions are getting more and more sadistic.

Lucy- Esmeralda.

Sydney- *Crying, his face buried in his knees*

Second Question: Would you rather talk non stop for the rest of your life, or never talk again?

Jade- Um..I guess I would rather always talk. I may not look it, but I'm a talker.

John- You're right. You don't look it all.

Lucy- I would talk all the time. At least I wouldn't be coughing. *Coughs*

Sydney- I would never talk again. I could always just write what I wanted to say. Talking all the time would be annoying.


Since this is only a one shot, it only gets one Question.

Prinmick- That's messed up.

First Question: Which is more important? Love or Intelligence?

Lantern- Love! My love for Jay is the most important thing to me!

Jay- *Blushes at what Lantern said*, definitely.

Chloe- Love. Things can survive without being smart. Nothing can live without love.

Prinmick- Cells can.

Allien- Love, probably. Because if you can love, than you're intelligent.

Prinmick- Intelligence...What? They all said love. There has to be some intelligence in the world.

Not Valentines Day

First Question: When was the first time you met your truly beloved?

Teddy- It was when I was ten. I was mad, and threw a rock. But it ended up hitting Jack's head.

Jack- The first time I met my beloved is when I watched him from the trees.

Teddy- * Looks at Jack in shock* You watched me from a tree? You pervert!

Ms. Flow- I met my true love when he walked through my classroom door.

Teddy- *Glares at her because he thinks that she's talking about Jack*

Not Really Cinderella

First Question: Singing or Dancing?

Coelum- Singing. It's like a whole world is created whenever a new song is made.

Serena- *Blushes* Dancing.

George- Both.

Xavier- *Mews*

Alright, I think I'm all done! With the Q and A, I mean. I hoped you guys liked it. I actually spent an hour making it. I'm sorry I'm so sadistic. Some of my questions were pretty messed up. But, oh well!

Before I move on, I would like to thank you all for reading my stories in the first place. I also suggest you read the stories in my favorites. They're good. I'm sure you can tell by the way I Favorited them.

Next, I will describe my specific rules of writing. The list probably won't be too long, and I'm sure most of my rules relate to other writers as well, but I'm just telling you all what I consider when making a story.

My Rules of Writing-

1. The more I love a character, the more likely they will die.
Now, I know, I know. That's terrible. But I'd like to mention that I'm not the only one who follows this rule. There's just something about killing off the most beautiful character you've ever created, that just touches your heart.

2. Is my story going to be MxM?
Now, this is obviously a more personal one. But trust me, we Fujoshi have this problem. We'll promise to make a character straight, only to change our minds later. We're sorry...but not really.

3. How will my main characters act, and what will happen later in the story?
Clearly, every writer considers this. So that's why I put such two different question, in one. I like to think about my stories when listening to music. It's almost like an AMV in my head!

Dang, I can't think of any other Rules of Writing. But if I come up with any more I'll just add them in later. Anyway, I would also like to mention that I have had a long run on fictionpress, and I won't be giving it up any time soon.

But, if I finish all my stories and can't think of anymore, then I'll probably stop writing on this website. But I think I'll be fine. I'm always coming up with new ideas, and what not.

I'm probably going to finish 'You're my baby" very soon. But not because I hate it. But because I really want to write its sequel, and I can't wait. So, there you go.

That's all I have to say for now. So, bye bye!!

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This is a poem series based on a subject pretty much meant for my eyes only. I don't care if you read it, but you won't understand what I'm talking about. I just wrote it because I love the topic very much. And if you can still read and enjoy it without knowing what it's for then I'll be happy. Or you just don't have to read, lol.
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Blink twice.
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Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,373 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 9/4/2016
Beast and Beast So Which one's Beauty? reviews
Black is forbidden. Everyone hates black. So it makes sense that a lone magical one with black eyes named Nightingale is alone. That is at least, until he meets someone else, who was black hair. Whlle they don't get along perfectly, there is something special between them. But Nightengale's fate might get in the way of either ones' happiness. SLASH
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Desiree is a bisexual college student. (She's really bi, not just college bi) Anyway, one day she's just sleeping, when someone suddenly kisses her. Too bad for Desiree, but there are five people in the room. Three of them she doesn't even know. But she sets out on solving the case. Which means becoming friends with new people, and being a bit too snoopy.
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As the title would suggest, I have decided to write tiny short stories that go along with my stories on here. They will be really short, and most of them will be from someone's POV who is not the main character. I wanted to do it like that, so people could see how others act. Anyway, please read, and I hope you enjoy! (There's MxM and FxF, and MxF, obviously)
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Leah is a teen-aged mother, who has a dick ex boyfriend/ father of her baby. She has a crap job, too. Plus, her baby is a cry baby. She has trouble, holding everything together. But soon, a girl named Sapphire helps out, and things seem smoother. But even if they are, they still have a mountain of problems ahead.
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Grayson thinks that his world is real. Everyone watching thinks that he's just an actor. But, he doesn't know that. His world was cleverly made, so that no one in it knew what they were. But what they didn't anticipate, was that Grayson would hear the music of the Guitar Man. When they meet, their two worlds collide, and it's gonna be messy. MxM MxF FxF
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This is my story. Some might call it sad. Others might say ironic. In my opinion, I murdered some one. My classmate Lynn. Through Junior High, I never spoke to her. I didn't like her, I didn't hate her. She was just simply a girl in my class. She was the kindest person alive. My name is Edward, and this is how I murdered my classmate Lynn.
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Carter's most precious memory is when he was three, a child told him that he was cute. Now, though he's a dick, and he's being forced to move into with his father, aunt, mother, and half brother. His new brother Gideon doesn't hold back when it comes to what he says, so them not getting along is implied. But soon, the two may find something in each other.
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S Piercing is you normal, slightly bi-polar teen age boy. For a class assignment, S has to record what ever he wishes. But he knows that it must be a good project, no exceptions. So what does he do? He decides to follow around the F.B.I and follow their cases. Too bad he's going to have to prove himself to gain the right. MxM
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When Teddy gets a valentine in April, he is quite befuddled. His friend, Jack, likes the idea, and decides to get the whole school involved. Much to Teddy's dismay. But throughout the ordeal, Teddy starts to feel things for his friend Jack. Is this the right time to tell? For him, I hope! Short Story About Love. COMPLETE MxM
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This is a story beautifully written by my wonderful cousin, Allyson.
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