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Hey everyone, what's the haps?

I know I just updated this thing (10-15-2014) but I felt like doing it again. I like doing it, because it feels like I'm refreshing my fiction press self. I know that sounds a little weird, but thank you all for accepting me for who I am!

I know I'm making a lot of stories, and I'm wickedly sorry for that. I have multiple stories on this thing, and I have yet to finish one. But, I'm getting there! Like if you noticed, I'm trying to tie up "Would I rather?" very quickly. That's for a few reasons. One, it's coming to the close that I had planned, anyway. Two, no one really likes that story, so that helps. Three, I feel like it's being dragged out.

But don't worry, it's close to an end.

On another note, I would like to talk about how great writing it. I find it to be the most enjoyable hobby for me. Because, (I know it sounds stupid) but I feel like a god of sorts. Before you stone me, please let me explain. Think about it like this. You can make people, places, and things. You get to do whatever you want with them, and you get to decide what their fates are. Whether it be good or bad.

Maybe the way I put it makes it sound a I'm a bit of a sociopath, though.

Oh, well!

Anyway, I guess I'll talk about my stories. But before I do, I would like to tell everyone how much I love them. I know it's pretty obvious, and it's not like I'm trying to shove it in your face or anything, but I just thought that I'd add it. I would also like to inform you all, that I will be rewriting some of the summaries. Whether it be that there wasn't enough room to write all I wanted, or something else.

I'm also going to make them a bit more funnier. Just for the laughs!

Back the stories:

Would I rather?- Lucius Winters is a slightly (not really slightly, though) psychopathic, weird teenage boy. He's convinced that everyone is against him, and is always prepared for a fight. But when the bank he's in gets over run by bank robbers, Lucius has to make a decision. Would he rather be with his abusive brother, or be trapped in a bank. But the fact that the bank robber is like eye candy might help him choose.

Oh, boy! This story! The story that went from too short, and descriptiveness, to freaking confusing and packed with too much writing. I'm not confused about the content, but I am a bit awed about how much my writing has changed. I know that it's for the better.

I love this story to death, but I can't wait until it's over with. Not only because of the reasons listed above, but also because I want to be able to say I've finished a story. Also, I feel wrong making all these new stories, when I haven't even finished my oldest one.

  • But FYI, I have indeed finished a story on fiction press. It's just that when I decided to start over, I deleted it. I also changed my picture, and name. My picture used to be one of Lanna from Harvest moon, and my name was Chimitsu.

  • The story was about a girl who has a very tough home life. She's also pretty depressed. But all of that changes when she joins the student council. Because there, she finds friends, and even finds the one for her. Which is a boy...just thought I'd say that.
  • God of Tricks- Icarus (what ever his last name is) is the one and only boy who embarrassingly plummeted from the sky. He feels like crap for not listening to his dad, and wants another chance. Good thing for him, he's one of the lucky people who actually gets one. His "Master" lets him continue living. But only if he tricks everyone he meets. But soon, he begins to fall for one of his would be victims.

    I really like this story, which isn't even considered a shocker. Icarus is very likable to me, and this story is pretty easy to read. Other people really like this one, too. Which is good. Because even though most don't want to admit it, they want reviews. They want to know that their story is good. Or at least what their story is missing, so that they can change for the better.

    I want to say that this story is coming to a close...but I would be lying. I have quite a bit still prepared. But of course, I might cut it down depending on what happens. I would also like to say that Icarus will meet T.R. in person right after he leaves Rooney. So, there! I hope you're all happy!

  • Man, I'm having trouble. It seems that I am one of many, that makes a new story whenever they have writers block, or don't want everything to happen all at once. But let me tell you all, it really came back to bite me. I have ten ongoing stories. Sure, most of them are just for fun, and therefore are written in good fun, and are updated sparingly. But the thought is still nerve wracking.

  • The odd thing is, I was going to post another story, but thought that I couldn't have another story made. So I didn't. But then I made "Unwanted Reality" and posted it right away. I am so weird.
  • You're my baby- Leah is a teen-aged mother, who has a dick ex boyfriend/ father of her baby. She has a crap job, too. Plus, her baby is a cry baby. She has trouble, holding everything together. But soon, a girl named Sapphire helps out, and things seem smoother. But even if they are, they still have a mountain of problems ahead.

    This story has a part that I can't wait to get to. I might also say, that I'm going to make this story turn into a bit of a different story that my sister read. the first few chapters were in the span of a few months, but after Ash's birthday, then will they span out.

    I'm just gonna say it. This story will have a teen aged Ash. Well, at least if I have anything to say about it. So I can only pray that I manage to keep the attention of my readers, and that they will stick by me. Because they are the key that makes me want to keep writing.

    Project FT: Humpty Dumpty (no relation...or is there..SPOILER!!) is the prince of Linear Seethe. For reasons unknown, (except for maybe the fact that he's a freaking Prince!) he is kidnapped. Placed in his own little room of agitation, he is having to constantly watch where he's stepping. The only time he's allowed to leave, is when he helps the local Wind Chime maker, make a wind chime. Even though they both annoy each other, they both have growing feelings.

    This story is just like my little baby. I can't wait to see it grow, and expand. Except...maybe not those same words. Anyway, I had Humpty discover the real reason he was kidnapped. Sorry, but you guys won't find out for a while...please forgive me!

    What a lot of people won't know for a long time, this story slightly crosses over with two other stories of mine. You probably won't be able to guess which ones. But, whatever. I actually put a hint in chapter one of one of the stories! Hope you can find it.

    Just Flip the Switch- S Piercing is you normal, slightly bi-polar teen age boy. For a class assignment, S has to record what ever he wishes. But he knows that it must be a good project, no exceptions. So what does he do? He decides to follow around the F.B.I and follow their cases. Too bad he's going to have to prove himself to gain the right.

    Like almost all of the others, this is MxM. But unlike the others, I only slightly made fun of him. Maybe I psychologically like him more than the others. (Don't tell them that, though!) Also unlike what I normally make, this character has two love interests. Except the second one is to more of a creepy extent.

    The reason I don't do love triangles, is because I hate them. Mostly, anyway. I don't hate it when two girls like one guy, buy two guys one girl. Nope! Also, I hate it when two boys like the guy on bottom. But yet, I'm still doing it. Hey, I'm trying to span my horizons.

    First Words- Carter's most precious memory is when he was three, a child told him that he was cute. Now, though he's a dick, and he's being forced to move into with his father, aunt, mother, and half brother. His new brother Gideon doesn't hold back when it comes to what he says, so them not getting along is implied. But soon, the two may find something in each other.

    I realize that my characters all seem to act the same way. Which pisses me off. But, oh well. I promise to make more dynamic characters. The reason they're like that, is because I like to watch their type of characters have character development.

    Anyway, this is one of my breather stories. I still like it, though. But I can see this story being one of my shortest. Like, I just decided. Twenty chapters is my maximum. If I break this maximum, I will look back at this with embarrassment. That's more than enough punishment.

    Habitual Cloud- Two cats who don't get along, are both competing for their Master's attention. Even though he hasn't the slightest clue about what's going on. They also meet new friends, are sure to make new enemies. Although they are sure to hit ups and downs, they are also sure to make the best of it. Maybe they will even become friends.

    Man, this story was hard to summarize. I almost went back so I could read what the heck I had put originally. But nonetheless, I like it. This is the story I have planned for the least. Other than the first few chapters. Which take me forever to write.

    Even though these characters are for my friend and I, they don't represent us in the least. In the story, they hate each other. It's the exact opposite in real life. We really like each other. I'm glad we're friends.

    Some Nights- Edward Dark (I think that's his last name, anyway.) is loved by everyone. So when he's dared to say his classmate Lynn bullied him, everyone takes his side. Even though she seems to be an angel herself. At first out of feeling bad, he decides to be her friend. But then, he starts to feel things around her. Things he had never felt before.

    Wow, in this summary, I don't even mention that she dies. Oh, well! Anyway, I started writing this story a long time ago. In fact, I've been done with if for almost a year now. I just post it in moderation. I also like to revise sometimes.

    I also noticed that some parts of this story may seem odd, and impossible. I am bound to be sure to change those moments. But of course, I will keep the old copy, and laugh about it in private.

    Searching for Cinderella- Kevin's cliche life is turned up side down, when he is told by a mouse, that he is Prince Charming from Cinderella. Soon, he is informed that he needs to travel the galaxy to find the rest of the cast of Cinderella. But the fairy god father seems to hate everything, so that isn't a good start. Also, he's so powerful, that he can't control his powers. So...they're going to not have a fun time.

    I really like everything about this story. I think about it a lot, and I already sort of have the ending sorted out. By the way, the fairy god father isn't the only one whose switched genders.

    But before you go thinking that Cinderella is a dude, I'll tell you that she isn't. I guess Ill just tell you. One of the wicked step "sisters" will be a brother. Also, not all characters act like the story portrayed.

  • This has nothing to do with anything, but I'll say it. While I'm writing this, I'm writing the short story. I was about to write it's name, but I might change it. I feel like I won't. But who knows.
  • Unwanted Reality- Jade, Sydney, John, and Lucy are all sex slaves, living in Fer's sex dungeon. Each one of them has a story to tell. Each one of them used to be strong, or rude, or many things. But this story tells how they got there, and will show all of their spirits slowly breaking. But despite their living conditions, they have each other.

    Like I had stated in the story, I made this on a whim. But also like I had stated, that doesn't mean I don't intend to be serious about this piece of work. In fact, I think this is my most serious story that I have.

    Although, maybe some unwritten stories are going to be more serious. I realize that my stories are a mix between magic, and not magic. I think I might say, that I love magic.

    Whew! That took forever. Too bad I still have from stuff to do! Like, I feel like my short stories should be noted.

  • Love-o-lantern: A jack o lantern who gets to turn into a human, for one night, to tell the one he loves how he feels.
  • Not Valentines Day: Teddy gets a valentine in April. Which soon spawns into the whole school participating. Meanwhile, he soon has realizes he might feel something about his best friend, Jack.
  • If you guys haven't noticed, I really like making bullets. It makes it look more clean! Also, I would like to tell you that I won't be talking about stories that I'm going to write, except for one.

    Which is...

  • I Will Find You (name still under debate): When Riley introduces her new boyfriend to her father, he almost instantly hates the boy. With good reason, too! But when Riley is kidnapped, Riley's father and her Boyfriend must join forces to find her.
    I can't wait to start writing this story. Well, I've already written chapter one. But I can't wait for the rest. I like to joke around, and say that the two boys in this story have more "chemistry" than my official couples!
  • Now on to authors I recommend!

    Shady Shinigami: My sister (I'm not biased!) She's the reason I like to write and read. She's also my soul mate, as well. I want her to like my stories. Because if she likes them, then I'm happy. Her stories are far more impressive than mine. Please go check them out if you're willing for your mind to be blown. Stories of hers that I recommend.

    1. Still Suffering: Of course everyone recommends this one!
    2. First degree Love: Probably my fave!
    3. Failing at Life: Aiden and Andrew are just so cute!
    4. Whatever Steven is in. This is not a story. He's a character of hers. Anything he is in, I like.

    Habitual love: She's probably my best friend in the whole world. We're like besties, even though we've never even met. But, I don't think we have to. Her writing is also quite superb! Oh, I also lover her brother Josh, too. Here are her stories that I recommend.

    1. True Love is hard to Find: A fun, and engaging read.
    2. I never knew: A great story. Worth reading.

    Otakufire 1028: She and I are actually god friends. At least I hope to think so. I really enjoy talking to her. I can already feel that we trust each other, to some extent. I hope we can become closer. Stories of hers that recommend.

    1. The Last Night: A beautiful story, about a teen who learns to love. She's so cute!

    Inky Ivory: She's a great author, and her reviews prove it. She's pretty young, which makes her writing even more impressive. I really hope I can continue to be her friend. Stories of hers that I recommend.

    1. Reign: A regal woman, who falls in love with the King, and she soon becomes Queen.

    I guess I'm pretty much done here. I kind of wanted to write about stories I want to write, but I'm too scared. My internet is shaky, and you can't really save this without publishing it. Also, I feel like I've been doing this for too long.

    But I will say thank you to everyone, and I hope we can all be friends!

    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    The Road Ahead by Shady Shinigami reviews
    Even though Dominic's in jail, Ryan still has a long way to go before everything is normal again. He now has to face questions about his sexuality, appearances of family members he thought long gone, and unfading memories of the man who kidnapped him. MxM. Sequel to Still Suffering.
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    Jonathan Bell, a gay student at Toby's school, was murdered a week ago. Toby didn't know him. He just was there when the body was discovered. So why is he the only one who can see Jonathan's ghost? How did he get sucked into finding a murderer, and helping this lost soul say goodbye? And during it all, can he save his broken family, and get the girl he likes?
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    His whole life Matt had done nothing but suffer the life of a slave at the hands of his evil master. And then one day, his whole life is changed by one beautiful girl. But it's not so easy. His master isn't ready to give up, and Matt will have to go through hell to get to the happy ending he so desperately wants.
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    Tommy's living in an orphanage after his parent's death, when he his life is turned upside down by a sexy boy with rabbit ears, who kidnaps him and forces him to go with him to WonderLand. What will Tommy find in this strange place? A place to belong? Somebody to love? MxM. Alternate universe to my Tommy and Jason one-shots. Rated T for safety.
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    MxM This is the story of how I became a teenage prostitute. It's not a pretty story. It's not a very funny story either. You don't even know if it has a happy ending. Maybe I'm relaying all this to you from a puddle of my own blood. Or maybe I'm sitting in a mansion, sipping whisky by the pool, getting my feet massaged. Maybe I'm somewhere in the middle.
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    Lezlie was a perfect girl. No smoking, drugs, drink, or sex. But then there is a rape. Not her's, a friends, but she should have been there to help him. Her actions cause her whole life spirals down into sex, drugss, and drinking. And no one, not even her own twin sister, or the boy she likes, can save her from the guilt, and make everything okay. Mentions of MxM rape.
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    Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,244 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 11/15/2012 - Complete
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    When Steven's older brother is kidnapped, it forces him to grow up fast. He's horrified that he's the only one who still believes his brother will come home, and he still wonders every day where Ryan went. A companion to my story, "Still Suffering."
    Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 12 - Words: 19,812 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 10/26/2012 - Published: 8/21/2011 - Complete
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    In the final Jason/Tommy one-shot, Tommy has to deal with saying hello and goodbye, and hoping that life won't change too much for him to handle. MxM
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    In our Future by Shady Shinigami reviews
    MxM Tommy's worried about his future with Jason, now that graduation is coming. But Jason's not. What he's worried about is how Tommy will answer his question. It's a pretty big question. One that is still illegal is some states.
    Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,751 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Published: 7/19/2012 - Complete
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