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Not sure what to do here but I'm ust gonna make somethig up.

List of Hated things:

the color pink.(it's too . . . 'peppy')

peppy cheerleaders.

Justin Beiber(too high pitched).

high pitched singers(like Justin Bieber).

people teling me I'm emo.

People telling me I'm goth.

I barely touched the surface of the things that I hate.

I also hate girls who do 'duck face' in pictures. I mean really, what the hell? Just smile like a freaking normal person. Smile=good. duck=WTF WERE YOU THINKING?!

When glasses or some other things are smudged. I have this weird OCD thing about it.

I hate people sometimes. Like when they want something from me. Nag, nag, nag. Just like my mom. Stupid Asian tiger moms. To all Asians out there who is reading my profile, you know how it is right? "Do you homewok!!" At least thats how it is with my mom.

This is not something that I hate but it also has something to do with the tiger moms. There's this video on Youtube, actually two. One is on stuff that Asian moms say/ do and the other is stuff that Asian dads say/ do. My parents do some of the stuff in the videos. Here are the links to check them out.

Shit Asian Dads Say:

Shit Asian Moms Say:

List of Liked things:

I'll do this later.

Now is later sooooo...

Avril Lavigne (she's epic)

Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)

The All-American Rejects



Breaking Benjamin


Hollywood Undead (HU)

Panic! At the Disco (PATD)

I guess you could say that I like most music.

I also like potatoes. I swear to God, (even though I'm non-religious) they are gifts from the Heavens above.

They're good enough to be food of the gods. They're frickin' AWESOME.

The store YRB.

My absolutely crazy buds.

The colors red, purple, and neon green strong enough to sear your eyes out of your head. . . . Nah. Just neon green.

Books. Especially fiction books. My sister tells me that I only really read fiction books, but I honestly just don't give a flying fladoodle.

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