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Just a stray cat with supernatural tendencies and an unorthodox personality. Travels through fragments of universes to play with mortals' lives.

I'm still new here, hoping to learn from you guys. I am the author of a fantasy story with a somewhat fast pace, interesting characters, (I hope), and interesting developments. So far, I'm going with the title "Evan Grimm: The Goethkastel Gate." This is my current ambitious project.

Here's a description:

My story is about 12-year-old Evan Grimm (assume the character-author name similarity a coincidence), who happens to receive two new classmates, Mira and Spica Goethkastel, who he suspects to be more than what they appear to be. He and his best friend, Will Solomon, set out to investigate, while a pair of girls, his other classmates, hot-tempered Angelica Moon, and the mild-tempered Selynne Gray, tag along. It would seem that the four are pulled into mysteries out of their universe. They find themselves in the hands of beings that are beyond their comprehension.

The story is set in a universe not very different than our own, although with differently named countries, etc. But here, it is common knowledge, even taught in schools, that the Universe they're living in is one of the many to exist in the Multiverse. In the story, there are Magic, Supernatural Entities, Science, plot twists, mystery, Fate, humor, action, and many other elements. But I'm not spoiling the story here. Sorry about that.

The story had already been planned until it's ending, so you don't have to worry whether it would be left unfinished. For a new writer, it is an ambitious project, and so far the responses are mostly positive. It is planned to have more or less 50 chapters.

Perhaps it's a matter of personal taste, but I like stories with fast pace, and dislike stereotypes, or hard-to-remember names and characters. It makes relating to the character in the story hard, and the story feels alien and inedible. Sorry. Just an opinion. So I try to override those problems. It's not easy. I'm a fan of manga, which might in a way or two, affect my works, but I hope you all will find my story original and full of surprises.

Please review my works. I want to know how people feel about it and I want to improve. I'll gladly reply and return them.


(I'll only keep entries that are less than 7 days old, I like to keep my profile low, er, I mean, short)


I'm back at last! Sorry, was facing exam week. Oh em gee, my page is getting dusty. Surprise people! A new story for you all! Deathbringer Adventures! And don't worry! Chapter 46, Goethkastel Gate is nearly complete!


Goethkastel Gate chapter 46 uploaded! And am changing chapter 13's title from "A Strong Will" to Fire At Will." If you've read it, you'll know why. XD