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Um... Hi.

SO yeah, I'm basically the exact same person and fanfiction.net, who goes by the same penname 'OwlheadAthena' XD

... Hopefully I'll post some original stuff for my many readers back at fanfiction :/

Um... anything else? Not that I can think of... well, here's some random stuff about me:

Pen name: OwlheadAthena (If you couldn't tell.)

Age: Old enough to be writing! Is that good enough for you people? -_-'

Hates: People. In general. Yes, yes I do. Mainly... it's just that I'm surrounded by so many GOSH DARN IDIOTS that I have lost faith in humanity :| Heh. I just did a rant XP

Likes: Technology in general. And writing... lots and lots of writing... And Comic books, can't forget those ;D Batman... Dick Grayson... no Superman, he's too perfect... DICK GRAYSON. Yup.

Favorite animals: OWLS, if you couldn't tell. And bats.. yes... AND NARWHALS, OHMYGAWD NARWHALS. Pfft, 'nuff said ;D

Favorite Movie: Under the Red Hood, no friggen doubt :| THAT MOVIE WAS INCREDIBLE, AND THE ENDING MADE ME CRY SO HARD.

Favorite Book(s)/Series: I love Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter. And fanfiction. How aren't you people being paid to write episodes for Young Justice and Danny Phantom?

Favorite type of genre when writing: Angst :D I just love angst. Don't ask me why. AND HORROR, OH GOD THE HORROR. mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

BIFAPWBIRLT(Best Internet Friend And Probably Would Be in Real Life Too): CATCHINGWIND. THIS GIRL IS AWESOME. I call her Stoppy! :D BUT NONE OF YOU OTHER PEOPLE CAN :U

Current favorite category on FFN: Young Justice. Robin/Dick Grasyon is friggen awesome. I'm in love with him, I swear to God @_@

Things that make me want to gouge out my poor eyeballs: Um... Twilight. In general. Although Stephanie Meyer won back some redemption when she included a Batman Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson reference in 'Breaking Dawn' her books still aren't worth shit, though. -_-'

Resentment by Jinxyy reviews
Carlie's mother just won't believe her when she tells her there's a monster under her bed...and in Carlie's mind, that means she deserves whatever she gets. Written age 15
Fiction: Horror - Rated: T - English - Horror/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,140 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Published: 10/5/2011 - Complete