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WELCOME WELCOME! One and all, step right up! NOT YOU PEDO-BEAR! Yes, yes thats right! gather around please.

May we pesent: PAPER LAMPSHADE! The most wonderful of writers! the most beautiful of inanimate objects! THE ONE, THE ONLY NOOOOOO OOOTHEEERRR! >:D

Okay, okay, you get the point. Wassup? I'm PAPER LAMPSHADE a girl, yes. A human, no, not by my terms. You see, I am an inanimate object. A PAPER LAMPSHADE, per say.

I am not only a writer on this sight, but I am also one on fanfiction, "THE ZEEBRA KING"

I like writing.

Well DUUR why else would I have this account? I also like creeping. Its fun. No, no dear pet, not a pedo, no to convicted felon.

I'm just weird.

deal with it.

so, my dear lovelies, you have come for fiction? *insert vigorous head shake of approval here* well sorry puppet, I have none to feed your hungry soul. Please wait another day