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My name is Talia Rhea, and I am a romance author. I can't say that I remember when I first became interested in romance. I do remember being younger and constantly going through my school and local library looking for...something. I never knew what. I only knew that the majority of the books I picked up didn't have it, or if they did they didn't have enough of it.

Back then, young and stupid, I scorned romance novels. I saw buxom women on covers with shirtless Adonises posing in wind storms, holding onto each other and I turned up my nose. Those are nothing but smut, I told myself. There's no story there, just sex. Which is fine, but I want a story. Skip!

And although I don't remember when I first felt that craving for romance, I do remember which book it was that finally satisfied that craving.

Divine Evil by Nora Roberts.

Slightly dark. Completely titillating. Enthralling and passionate. The story I desired with the romance I had always unknowingly craved. There were love scenes, but I would never call it smut. It was engrossing and exciting and so captivating that I couldn't put it down. It was the first time I had ever encountered a true romance novel and when I came to realize what it was that I am.

I am Talia Rhea and I am a romantic. I crave love. A heart isn't complete without love and a story isn't complete without romance. I'm not a perfect writer, but I get better with each story. Have patience with me and give me feedback when you can. I hope my romantic heart can satisfy that something in you that craves.

Update: I just got a twitter account. Feel free to follow me @Talia_Rhea if you so please.

~Update: 6/27/21 I'm still alive! I promise. Sorry, I should have updating long ago, but I've been focused on what I'm doing. I don't know how much anyone knows, but here's the basics:

I'm a medical student and I'm currently studying for my Step 1 exam, which is a very big exam. Like, probably the most important test I've ever or will ever take. Failing it can ruin my chanced of ever continuing and it's very difficult. I was originally scheduled to take it a few months ago, but I had to delay because, unfortunately, I'm just not ready. My practice test scores aren't passing yet. The new test date is Aug 14, so I won't be able to update until after that.

That being said, I am still writing. I love writing and it's relaxing for me, so it's what I do to unwind after studying all day. Unfortunately, I don't write very well when I'm stressed, which I very much am. I've already had a major breakdown, which was what prompted me to delay my test in the first place. So, I still write, I just don't write enough to keep an update schedule. While I used to be able to finish a chapter a week, now it can take two weeks, even a month. That being said, I am still writing, so when I'm ready to come back, I won't be starting from zero. I'll have Laudine's story ready for posting the moment my test is over, and then the last story after that.

As for what happens after that? I'm considering switching entirely to self publishing on Amazon. I have dozens of more story ideas. I'm thinking about getting into alien romance as it's my favorite genre right now, I've got an alternate universe fairy tale series in mind, and I'm only writing the second story of my Zodiac series. Paladins will, of course, be available here, for free, but I am thinking of moving on.

But for now, I'll update more when I can. Sorry I haven't responded to anyone recently, but Wattpad stopped sending me notifications, so I honestly didn't think anyone was trying to talk to me. I'll check more often.



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