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Hello there. My name is Moa, and I'm twenty years old and originally from Sweden but currently escaped and living in London. I have a soft spot for pop punk, british comedy, feminism, biscuits and stories about magic, and I am almost always sorry for something. Once upon a time I traded regular hobbies and social life for writing stories. This is the result. Welcome!



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Yellow Bricks: A sort of challenge that I gave myself so that I would have something to put my hands on when "Dimidium" (check out the description below) ended a few years ago. The whole thing is based on the album "Ever After" made by one of my favorite bands, Marianas Trench (you better check them out right now, they are so theatrical and fantastic). Each chapter is based of one of the songs, in order of their place on the album. It's completely done already, but since it's over 90 pages long and written in Swedish, I have to translate it first, which with my already packed writing schedule is probably going to take a while.

Plot: 20-year-old John have out of nowhere become an extremely successful fantasy author after writing the block-busting bestseller Marionette, and living together with his best friend Antonia and a new little puppy in a beautiful apartment, his life is more or less complete. But it doesn't take long until promblems starts to hover at the horizon. After ruining his friendship with Antonia, and with the public pressure rising on him while writing the follow-up to Marionette, John escapes London in favor for Falwick, a small village in the middle of the Scottish forest, where he can write the sequel without having publishers, media and fans hovering over him. Soon, he meets Morgan, a beautiful tattoo artist with rough edges who shows him the forest with the yellow-painted bricks marking out the paths and makes his life feel kind of okay again, even though he never seems to be able to figure out the perfect ending to his book.

But something is still after him. Something much more dangerous than publishers...

Glimpse: This was originally a serial story I wrote for my blog to keep my readers entertained while I was in Rhodes in August 2013. It was sort of a challenge to myself to see if I could write under pressure, and write the precise amount of chapters needed with very vague planning before. I made it, actually.

Plot: June hasn't even turned 40 yet, and she's dying. And no, it's not cancer. It's tuberculosis, thank you very much. Lying in her hospital bed, waiting for the end, a worn out song on the radio makes her think back on her life and how it's not neccessarily only the good parts that are worth remembering. Instead of waiting for her life to flash before her eyes in her dying moment, she decides to put together her own flashbacks of the most important days of her life - good and bad. Her glimpses.

Dimidium: A big project that I got inspired to write on a Religion-lesson in school. Hugely inspired by the song "Hey There, Delilah" by Plain White T's. It's over 500 pages long and now completely finished and in the editing process. It's my biggest hope of becoming a published, "proper" author, so I might not even publish it here. Maybe if no one wants to publish it when I'm done.

Plot: Ever wondered what happens after you die? Delilah Ek knows, because she has. After passing away in cancer, she lives the perfect life on a cloud in Paradise, but likes keeping an eye on the ones she left behind. One day, when she visits a mysterious outcast from her class, guitar-playing Josh Taylor with the piercing blue eyes, she finds out something mind-blowing. Josh had been in love with her, and is now completely heartbroken, on the verge of breaking down completely. But how can you comfort someone when there's a whole heaven between you? And how far can you go to protect your loved ones?
Turns out - all the way to New York City.

Night of Day: This was one of those stories that just had to be told because the characters wouldn't leave me alone. The main characters origin from my collection of oneshots called "Pieces" that I have published here, and when that was done, one of the characters, Hugo, to be exact, more or less told me that his story wasn't over yet. So I did as he told me, and wrote it. After "Dimidium", this is another one of my greatest hopes in becoming a published author, so I'm still not sure I'll publish this work here. I'll see if the publishers want it first, I think.

Plot: Meeting tall, tattoo-covered, scary-looking Austin Thompson was unexpectedly one of the best things that ever happened to Hugo Phillips, and after their first summer in each other's company, Hugo realizes he might just have found the best friend he have ever had. They return to the sleepy village of Melcaster outside of London for their second summer together, completely oblivious to how different this summer will be, and Hugo slowly begins to realize there might be more to Austin than his friend is willing to tell him...

So, if you've come this far, you really deserve some kind of prize for making it out of my rambling alive. I promise my stories aren't as pointless as my profile (or, well, at least that was what I've been aiming for)

Thanks for stopping by!


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