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About Me, My Writing Style, & My Influences:

I got my start back on FanFiciton in 2010 writing my own spoofing of Naruto that I'm still really proud of. I've enjoyed my time on FanFiction and someday I might return if my schedule allows it. But my passion has always been developing my own world and characters. I really enjoy writing character dialogue and would say that is my strength. I also enjoy slipping in little nods of romance and humor into most of my works.

I'm influenced a lot by the music I listen to (Music is a huge love of mine that I will write in more detail about on best ever albums. My favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Delerium) and the stories I follow, especially manga; though I try to write a variety of stories that should appeal to people even if they aren't manga fans. In general, I'm hoping my work will appeal to teens and young adults, perhaps some of the same group that enjoys Harry Potter or Margaret Peterson Haddix (Shadow Children series, Missing Series), another author that inspired me very early on, though her work is quite different from Harry Potter. I was impressed with how fast-paced some of Haddix's books are. She was the first writer I ever fell in love with because each chapter threw in a new twist to the stories she told which always kept me on the edge of my seat, a rarity for me at the time because even some of the best books I've read growing up, never captivated me in that way. Often times when I'm going over my work I will ask myself "Is this chapter captivating like something Haddix would write?". It doesn't have to be a huge twist, but I think there should be something, a mystery solved, a new piece to the puzzle, character progression, etc.

However, probably my two biggest writing influences would be the work of manga writers Eiichiro Oda (One Piece) and Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma 1/2, InuYasha, Urusei Yatsura). I love One Piece's setting and the expansive world and feel Luffy is the perfect example of the idiot hero, something I'd like Max from Apple to be, though I had trouble at first getting the balance right between good natured and cluelessness. I think it's neat how Oda is able to really put his all into this one world and blend influences from an array of different genres (skeletons, pirates, super powers from devil fruits, cyborgs, etc.) and somehow blend it seamlessly into one giant world and long-running story. I'd like to do the same in my writing, especially in Apple. Perhaps, I'll even connect some of my stories together by setting them in the same world. Though I believe a story should stand on its own, so unless it's part of the same series of books, I won't write something that expects you to go back and read a ton of other stories just to know what's going on. Consider it more of a subtle or not so subtle nod to fans who have followed all the stories so far and want to know the characters are alright and still having adventures even without me writing about them.

As for Rumiko Takahashi, I adore her work, especially Ranma 1/2. Something about that series just stuck with me to the point where I'll even go back and reread certain chapters when I'm looking for inspiration or a laugh. Similar to Oda, Rumiko Takahashi has established a name for herself through consistent writing and world building. Her series probably aren't set in the same universe and are meant to stand on their own. Despite this, you know roughly what to expect when you pick up a Rumiko Takahashi novel. There is consistently romance, comedy, and quirky characters, though depending on the atmosphere she's trying to create, some of these elements may take precedence over the other. I'm hoping someday my writing can be viewed in the same way. I'm planning to experiment with different genres of writing and different writing styles, but I'm hoping to include enough interesting characters and comedy to keep fans invested even if some of the genres I try aren't ones you're as interested in.

I would also like to give an honorable mention to Naruto and Evangelion. I thought Naruto did an amazing job of showing us the main character go from basically being a nobody to making his dreams come true no matter what trials faced him. I was the same age as Naruto when I started reading it and it inspired me to find my own path in life. I also thought Naruto did a great job of managing a large cast. Everyone felt unique, fleshed-out, memorable and seemed to contribute something to the overall story no matter how small the role. One Piece has a great feel because its world is so expansive, but Naruto took a smaller world and made it truly immersive. My writing is going to take more of a One Piece direction, but I don't think either approach is necessarily better or worse, just different and equally engaging. Evangelion can be seen as a third approach. Its cast is kept even smaller than Naruto's and the writing is also much more stripped back. Each scene is essential in revealing more and more about these characters. Even small details in the animation can hide so much about these characters. Evangelion, while still holding an overall positive message, doesn't shy away from sharing the absolute worst parts of humanity. It shows its characters as broken and I love that approach. I know this type of reading isn't for everyone as it doesn't allow for easy immersion like Naruto or One Piece does. But I wonder sometimes, is there a way balance these worlds? Can you write characters who are fundamentally broken and relatable while leaving room for escapism in a world that isn't necessarily better than ours (everything in the world can still be achievable in our world), but these characters have what they need to stay happy (like good friends, love) or a world where these characters are able to keep hope for a better tomorrow. I think if this balance can be mastered it would give room to a new breed of stories that can insight hope in the next generation for the world where they aren't afraid to work towards making their own lives better. This is because these stories would show normal people doing normal things, rather than unreal people doing impossible things. I don't know if I can ever write a story like this

Evangelion can be seen as a third approach. Its cast is kept even smaller than Naruto's and the writing is also much more stripped back. Each scene is essential in revealing more and more about these characters. Even small details in the animation can hide so much about these characters. Evangelion, while still holding an overall positive message, doesn't shy away from sharing the absolute worst parts of humanity. It shows its characters as broken and I love that approach. I know this type of reading isn't for everyone as it doesn't allow for easy immersion like Naruto or One Piece does. But I wonder sometimes, is there a way balance these worlds? Can you write characters who are fundamentally broken and relatable while leaving room for escapism in a world that isn't necessarily better than ours (everything in the world can still be achievable in our world), but these characters have what they need to stay happy (like good friends, love) or a world where these characters are able to keep hope for a better tomorrow. I think if this balance can be mastered it would give room to a new breed of stories that can insight hope in the next generation for the world where they aren't afraid to work towards making their own lives better. This is because these stories would show normal people doing normal things, rather than unreal people doing impossible things. I don't know if I can ever write a story that does this way of thinking justice, but it's something I've thought about quite a bit that I hope will show in some of my writing.

My Stories:

Monsters During Halloween:

I wrote this while still pretty young. It's meant to be a fun, humorous, one-shot Halloween story for kids. It's not my best writing and contains some pop culture references that I'm sure will age pretty fast, going over most kids' heads, but I had a lot of fun writing it and still consider it a fun read.

Lover's Song:

I really love this piece of free-verse. I tried to load it with imagery for a lonely sailor who encounters a siren at sea. I've always looked back on my life with a bit of sadness, sometimes wishing I could live in a moment forever and that longing is reflected here. I'm not depressed, I enjoy the here and now and try to take advantage of what I'm given, but there are a number of people that have left my life and sometimes I wish I knew how to go back (or go forward for those still living) and make right by them the second time. That's how I imagine this sailor feels. Similarly, sirens are another fascination of mine. I sometimes imagine my favorite band Delerium as siren music because all their songs captivate me like a siren would. I find it fascinating how the siren uses their voice to draw sailors near. I imagine the sailor enters sort of a confused trance where they aren't really sure what's going on and are killed by their own urge to resist. Killed by temptation... I can't think of better bookend for some characters. Of course, I don't think the sailor is at fault for listening to the siren's song, but apply this logic to other story characters. If someone is greedy and hurts others on a quest for money and power, it would be perfect karma if power or wealth could somehow hurt back. All the while, the blood-thirsty siren, representing temptation doesn't care where the sailor has been or what he did in the past. The siren just sees a meal. If we could see life through the eyes of a simplistic siren all our problems would feel so small. Power, greed, love, and loss does not trouble the siren and that's why I find this such an interesting writing prompt.

Running Through Time:

This is another case of me looking back and recounting memories with a bit of sadness. I remember someone I used to be close with, but we grew apart with time. I always remembered her running, playing outside, track and field, etc. With each passing hour, she moved further from my life and further from how I felt when we were close friends. It feels so symbolic. Something that held me back in the beginning from reaching out and becoming close friends was my timid nature. As time began to bring us apart, I was too shy to reach out because I feared being hurt. Eventually, we grew so far apart that it would gradually become harder and harder for me to even reach out as I now know so little about this person. There was no fight in this story that brought us apart, the only enemy was time. Truthfully though, there's a big part of me that hates this way of thinking now. I will in time practice what I preach and reach out to this friend, I'm determined to do it and I am gradually going out of my comfort zone by communicating with people I used to know from when I was younger, mending bridges slowly. While the message of this story is primarily don't let others fall out of your life because you fear getting hurt, I want to say that it's never too late to reach out and try mending relationships where you can. If fear is what is holding you back, I don't know what to say, except just go for it. It's hard, believe me, I know. But you can always private message me on this site if you need some advice because I was there once too. If you feel your life isn't worth living, let's try to take small steps to make it the best life you can.

The Auction:

This story also came from a dark time in my life. I remember being really angry while writing it. I was frustrated with the school system and my parents for putting so much pressure on grades. I've always given school my all, but many times this doesn't feel like enough. I'd often find myself stressed or overworked, and many times my grades only improved a small bit, not nearly enough to justify this kind of stress (if that level of stress can even be justified...). My thoughts were something along the lines of how is it fair to assess someone else's value in a society based on well, really anything. Someone can be an awful person, but do things in work to inspire many. Someone can be an incredible person who has changed the lives of those who know them but be stuck minimum wedge, without the time or money to improve their position by learning a skill in college. Growing up a bit and looking at this now, I see the issue isn't nearly as one-sided as I may have given credit. I'm not really sure where I stand now or what the solution is, probably somewhere in the middle, though closer to my original opinion. I don't even think I present a solution in my writing. I just want to inspire discussion. Can you relate to it? Why or why not? How does it make you feel? Is this assessment even accurate? I'm genuinely curious.

Apple (Series):


  • The Magic Shop (A Prequel) (Ongoing)
  • TBA (Book 1)
  • Apple starts off with a prequel called The Magic Shop about a boy named Teddy who meets a girl named Karly. Teddy's life was normal up to this point, but it all changes once Karly introduces him to what she knows about magic. Teddy and Karly are not the focus of the main series. In fact, during the first official Apple book, Teddy and Karly will both be adults and many of the main characters will be the children of characters you met during the book The Magic Shop. The Magic Shop is critical for setting up the lore of the story, while the other books tell the story I really want to tell about 5 teens Max, Teresa, Toshiro, Anita, and Jane and their misadventures and the mysteries that surround their lives as they try to navigate this world with magic. Similar to One Piece, I want to give this story an expansive world with a lot of emphasis on exploration and solving mysteries. Nobody in this world is really good or evil, they're all just trying to do what they feel right, sometimes falling into selfish desires and temptation along the way. This is a story I've wanted to tell for a long time and could run for a long time. The books start pretty light-hearted, but the story progressively gets darker with each novel. Magic exists in this world. There are humans that have never studied magic and are forbidden from pursuing it without proper guidance. There are also wizards. They operate mostly in secret. However, relations between wizards and humans is strained because many humans have a hard time trusting magical beings with the amount of power and secrets that wizards hold. This information will gradually make its way into the plot as many story elements begin to connect.

    Anthem of the Angels (Upcoming):

    A fun and mostly light-hearted kid's story based on me and a friend of mine. In the story, their names are Joey and Jaylee. Things take a slight turn Jaylee is found to have a cyst and has to get an operation. Joey fears for the worst. As well, there's a bit of a coming of age story and several slice-of-life elements about Joey and Jaylee as they make it through high school together. The story itself is simple, and perhaps a bit cliche, but I've had a lot of fun drafting this story so far and writing character interactions so I hope others enjoy it as well.

    Phantom's Story (Upcoming):

    Minors discover crystals that give whoever is holding them superpowers. This story primarily follows the lives three characters (not sure yet if this is going to be a trilogy or a book that is split into three parts). Each character has a different reaction to this power and will handle it differently. Similar to Apple or The Auction, this story is kind of meant to be a commentary on human nature and how I believe certain people would act in these given situations. There's not too much of a great moral past that, though I'm writing a lot of interesting stuff that could lead to in-depth discussion. While Apple was based primarily on a variety of anime/manga I was reading at the time, a lot of my inspiration for Phantom's Story comes from Shakespeare.

    Calling (Upcoming):

    I'm a Christian, so some of my inspiration behind this story may sound a little preachy. But one day while I was thinking about God, I started thinking about our callings in life, spiritual gifts and such, that work towards helping the Kingdom of Heaven. It's so beautiful to me. The story of Calling begins with a girl named Lucy, an aspiring writer who is in need of ideas. Through a series of events, she meets someone named Mick. He's a famed doctor with the power to heal through touch. To her surprise, Mick is young, a couple years younger than her in fact. Chaos ensues as the two learn about each other's lives.

    John (Series) (Upcoming):

    I got this idea after watching a documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. John takes place in a dystopian future where much of art and fiction is limited. In this world, freedom of expression is gone. John is just an ordinary boy but feels caught between two worlds. He can walk the path of least resistance and be what everyone wants him to be or he can speak up.

    After Happily Ever After (Series) (Upcoming):

    I started writing this a while ago, you can still see the rough draft of this story over on FanFiciton, though I plan to edit it and post it on here again once the writing is polished. This idea came to me during, surprise, surprise, another darker point in my life. I just got past some really bad bullying, but at the same time, many of my closest friends were also beginning to leave my life just gradually through time. I had this overwhelming feeling just like... I should be happy... So why aren't I? Answering it were my thoughts saying it's because I don't know where to go next. Truth is, without conflict, life is boring. So what comes after happily ever after? Read this to find out. For an idea that came at such a dark time, this story is pure comedy. Don't worry about any sadness in the writing. Consider it sort of a sitcom deconstruction of classic fairytales about a not so bright prince and his rescued princess, filled with many quirky characters.

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