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Author has written 4 stories for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical, and Spiritual. is the link to my Fan-fiction page.

I am currently planning a novel (Or rather, a series of potentially four novels) based off what I previous attempted to make into a manga, but I found I did not have the experience with that medium necessary to pull it off.

The title of the saga will be Paranormal Marionette, and it will go through potentially four volumes, Exorcist, Medium, Reaper, and Watcher.

My short piece, First Taste of the Afterlife, will serve as the prologue to the story, as that was what it was written to be.

I may occasionally post snippets of the story and I'll do character studies occasionally which I'll likely post, along with pieces that analyze relationships between characters, as well.

In the world in which Paranormal Marionette takes place, Earth, Heaven, and Hell have opened their gates to each other. The Fair Folk are more open about their presence on Earth than ever before. The only true gods are the eternal beings of the Otherworld, a parallel dimension in which the real deities reside, as well as powerful spirits known as Links that traverse the worlds, either taking a host or causing trouble.

In this chaotic world, there exists one defense between humanity and the paranormal, and those are the hybrid offspring of humans and extranormal beings (Angels, Fair Folk, Demons). These children gain the power to control the ambient energy of their surroundings, but the way this power manifests depends on the person. Ways a power manifests has been categorized into three "Guardsmen" classes, Mediums (Guardsmen of the Link), Exorcists (Guardsmen of Spirit), and Reapers (Guardsmen of Death).

The most powerful of these three classes are trained at John Bell Academy for the Paranormally Aware.

Reapers (Guardsmen of Death)
Character examples: David Stanford, Maura Duemmel.

The most basic and common Guardsmen Class. Very low and incomplete manifestation.

Born with spiritual awareness and some control of energy, Reapers use their power by channeling it through their bodies and into pre-made weapons. By channeling their energy, they are able to enhance both their and their weapon's power and speed. They are trained in many forms of physical combat, and are the most combat oriented of the three classes.

In society they function as a police force over the living, and also make sure that the dead pass on. They aren't too fond of Exorcists, as their duties indirectly conflict sometimes.

Exorcists (Guardsmen of Spirit)

Character examples: Elizabetha Thompson, Mavro Micheals.

The rarest of the Guardsmen Classes. Moderate but powerful manifestation.

Exorcists have telekinetic powers. Their power has manifested to an advance degree, but has not taken shape into a specific power. This makes them somewhat volatile power-wise, as a good fraction of them either fully manifest along the way or fall back down to Reaper-level manifestation. Their training consists of deep meditation and concentration exercises, sometimes testing endurance by lifting large heavy objects, or evaluating control by manipulating a pencil to write. A talented Exorcist is an uncommon find, as many don't have the willpower to handle this kind of power, as it really has no limits. As long as one can continually train one's mind, there is no such thing as peak skill.

Professionally, Exorcists are the ones that keep tabs on the Otherworld. They police spirits themselves and make sure that their rights aren't overlooked by Reapers. In extreme cases, if an anomaly is too large for them to handle, they travel into the Otherworld to appeal to the Immortal Watchers that reside there. That is another reason why Exorcists are so rare. The good ones make it back alive. The unsatisfactory ones... don't.

The most spiritual and disciplined of the three classes.

Mediums (Guardsmen of the Link)

Character examples: Linda Sharp, Faye Anderson.

Fullest Manifestation has been achieved, forming to one specific skill. The second most common of the Guardsmen Classes.

A Medium was a person with the potential to be an Exorcist, but at some point in their life they were approached by an Otherworld spirit known as a Link (or as Professor Anderson likes to call them, "Renketsu"). In exchange for lending the Medium their power, all a Link asks for is a vessel that is precious to their host (Linda's plush bunny, Faye has his mother's shawl, Annabell has her violin, Dekame has the Angel Tiara, a family heirloom), safety, and to be able to feed off their host's spirit energy to a safe extent. Each ability is unique, some are combat-oriented, and others are support abilities, some have both.

Links are attracted to sorrow or sin, so it is safe to assume that most Mediums have some sort of traumatic past.

In a professional setting, Mediums help out where Exorcists can't. They are best known for reasoning with troubled or stuck spirits and helping them, while Exorcists' main duty is to make sure the spirits stay in line.

Mediums are very susceptible to possessions and manipulations of spirits.

To those that have happened to somehow scour through the disorganized mess that is my deviantART gallery and managed to read the first three chapters of the manga version: There are some huge changes.

  1. The characters in manga version will be a ensemble cast as it looked like it was going to be. The characters will have their own character arcs in each book. Eliza will have the first one, Linda and Dekame will have the second, David and the Anderson twins will have the third, and then the fourth will be something completely different.
  2. The books will focus on Mavro and Eliza's relationship a bit more, and it will be a lot more dysfunctional.
  3. Caleb and Cael will not be so important early on.
  4. Linda will not be Eliza's roommate.
  5. Linda will probably not appear in the first book.
  6. While each story focuses in on one character, overall the entirety of Paranormal Marionette will remain Faye's story.
  7. The progression of antagonists and the slow unfolding of the Academy's secrets will remain the same.
  8. Core themes will remain the same, including themes about motherly love and what the absence of parental care and love can do to a child, including deconstructions and reconstructions of several tropes.

Supplementary Material:

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