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: Quick Links:

My WattPad account, a different page for my writing:

My Scratch account, for programmed projects, some based on my writing:

My FanFiction account:

I am also on Furry Paws, Horse Isle, Chicken Smoothie, Colour Lovers, and who-knows-what-else under various usernames. Just ask!

: About Me :

I am an aspiring writer, researcher, and animal-lover. I hope to achieve a career revolving around animals. They are the most amazing, fascinating things to me. However, I'm not looking to become a professional in veterinary medicine or anything similar, although I like hands-on work with animals; I actually plan to become an animal geneticist or zoologist.

I love alternative rock music. My favorite bands are Arctic Monkeys, Florence and the Machine, Paramore, and a few others. Other genres I like are classic rock, metal, scream, soft rock, anything else rock-related, and alternative music in general.

Please visit to see my old animations, games, and other projects on Scratch. Visit for my profile on FanFiction. I'm always reviewing FF stories, though I really don't finish possible fanfics. I did create an account, however, to interact with the website and have a username ready to post possible stories through.

: My Writing : (My work is fully made and owned by me. Please, do not steal anything of mine.)

In FictionPress, my level of activity online differs on what I'm doing in my life currently. Sometimes I'm posting a bunch of oneshot poems, and other times I'm focusing on my fun novels. Moreover, I frequently struggle with constant writer's block (I'm a perfectionist!), or I'm far too busy to sit down and write.

When I write, my goal is to create a piece that represents one of three categories that I currently feel like expressing: narrative adventure, descriptive scenery, and/or metaphorical philosophy. Therefore, as an example, a poem about unimaginable sadness is most likely going to be of the third writing group, as opposed to a fantasy novel falling under the first category. Read the content I've uploaded and you'll notice one of the three approaches being exercised; sometimes a story is a mixture of groups, other times each paragraph might differentiate. I like writing this way; it keeps me focused on the feelings I want to convey to the reader, whether I want to make them experience something vividly, help them live the tale, or make them rethink the meaning of life. Additionally, in poetry specifically, I usually decide if I want the flow to be short and catchy or long and fluent beforehand. As an example, The Amber Blur (a suggested poem) would be considered fluent, whilst A Snake in the Dark is shorter, its syllables rhyming identically in desired places, unlike the other poem. On a related note, I adore structured poetry as opposed to rhyming.

Another rule that I tend to follow is making the majority of my work teen rated or below. I'd like to think that I can make a good story that people of all ages can acknowledge and appreciate.

: Other :

- Reign of the Wolves cover illustration was done by the Scratch user katydidgirl.

- I do not own the story cover images.

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The Graveyard Tales by newshound reviews
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Love Carriers by PetalsFromTheForest reviews
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Time reviews
Each passing moment builds a prison around us. It is inevitable, torturous, and endless. Inspired by anxiety and water clocks.
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Hysteria reviews
When you wake in a strange white room, empty save for a hospital bed and your own confused self, it's natural to panic. But this isn't my nature. I am lulled, observing a foreign reality with the eyes of a prisoner. I wake in this merciless, finite space for an immeasurable quantity of times over the course of an eternity. I forget that I am existing, breathing, moving...
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Kale is a wolf in a seemingly normal pack. What isn't normal, however, is his suspenseful past, a history that may inadvertently endanger his packmates. But Kale isn't the only one keeping secrets. In fact, the entire forest has an agenda; Kale's pack will soon face the resurfacing of his past, a threatening rogue pack, and other surprises. (#1 in the Reign of the Wolves series.)
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Voyage to the Border reviews
Humans are merely a myth to warrahs, a once extinct species now repopulated by the WFIWNR. But when a typical warrah dog named Ipsum finds out that his son may be involved with these mysterious, elusive creatures, he steps foot into an adventure he never knew was possible, one that will unfold his true life before him and prove that the warrahs aren't as free as they think.
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Everlasting reviews
I slowly feel it twisting around my body, relentlessly tightening until my ribs are bending inwardly with a sickening ache of unbearable pain. I am being crushed, as surreal, yet frighteningly corporeal as it feels.
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Sometimes the passing snake can be a threatening thing, but when you wallow in your own self-pity to escape its grasp, you may find that the snake itself is a blessing you could have cherished.
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Though the time might not last long, sometimes all you can do is sit and admire the brilliant morning's song.
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Why reviews
You will always be restricted by your ignorance. We aren't ignorant, yet bound by your ignorance as well.
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