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HIIIYA...Its Kiyomi-chan

I'm a sort of new yaoi fan... i just became one only a few months ago, but since then I've fallen in love and I've probably watched almost every yaoi anime I know of. ;) But I've always loved japanese anime, since I can remember. I've drawn my own anime characters and will post them up somewhere. I don't know yet. HMM.. lets see what else... Ha I love cookies and eating them while reading a really good fiction. I've read bunches and finally decided to say wth why don't I post mine. Well most of my stories involve humor, romance, and lots of action. I can do a pretty good lemon, but only if requested of me. I'm good at action scenes as I've been told and I'm good with describing things. I also love video games and online games. I'm in love with Vocaloids and the Nico Nico Chorus :3


Basic Info

Name: Kiyomi-chan/Kiyo-chan/Omi-chan/Kitty

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hobbies: writing, reading, drawing, watching videos, the mall, watching anime, and hanging with friends


Music: Vocaloids, J-pop, Pop, Hard Rock, Nico Nico Chorus

Color: Blue

Food: Italian

Hate: Judgemental people, rude people, racists, bugs, goats(a movie i saw has me having nightmares about them... lolz)


Top 10 Best Anime (in no specific order):

1. Naruto (of course!!)

2. Inuyasha (probably my all time favorite since it was probably the first anime I ever watched.)

3. Beyblade (not too interested in the new one though, but old one kicked ass)

4. Kyo Kara Maoh! (absolutely love this anime, I've watched all episodes)

5. Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji (funny, action, hottie Sebastian, cute Finny, adorable Soma, and its addicting)

6. Deadman Wonderland (Beyond f*cking awesome :3)

7. Ouran High School Host Club (soooo funny)

8. Monochrome Factor (very awesome and I love the action scenes)

9. Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA Brotherhood (You can't get much better than this)

10. Klannad (although a lot of people label it as a sad anime... I think it is funny as hell)

Top 10 Worst Anime:

1. Bobobo Bobo Bobobo( I'm not really sure how many Bo's are in there but I hate this anime because it's wierd and it freaks me out... yet I watched a lot of episodes don't know why)

2. Spider Riders (I love the theme song but I hate spiders and particulary don't want to ride one XP)

3. Tom Goes to the Mayor (extremely boring and stupid)

4-10. All the little 15 minute shows that come on Adultswim... except Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, and Moral Oral (although I'm not sure if they are all considered anime... but wth).

Fav Male Anime Characters:

1. NEJI (I love him, he is so sexy... especially in shippuden) 2.Sesshomaru(He's too gorgeous for words) 3.Saralegui(Kyo Kara Maoh!... he's so pretty)4. Koga(Love this smexy wolf) 5. Bankostu(So hawt) 6. Naruto(His personality is awesome) 7. Kiba(Too cute and love doggies) 8. Itachi(Smexy as a mofo) 9. Deidara 10. Sasuke(He's cute :3) 11. Gaara(Panda-chan

Fav Anime Girls:

1.Sango 2.Temari 3.Hinata 4.Tsunade 5.Anissina(Kyo Kara Maoh!) 6.Shizune 7.Anko 9.Saeko(High School of the Dead) 10.Winry(FMA) 11.Riza Hawkeye(FMA) 12.General Armstrong(forgot first name...FMA) 13. Ming(FMA)

Fav Couples:

Naruto: NejiNaru, NejiSasu, NejiSai, NejiHaku, NaruHaku, SasuHaku, SasuNaru, KibaNaru, GaaNaru, SaiNaru, ItaNaru, ItaNeji, ItaDei, SasoDei, SaiSasu, KakaIru, ShikaTema, KibaHina, SasuSaiNeji, SasuNaruNeji, ItaNaruSasu

Beyblade: KaiRay, RayMyst, KaiMigu, KaiTal, BryTal, KaiRayTal, TyMax, TyHil

Inuyasha: KogaInu, SessInu, SessKoga, MiruSang, SessInuKoga

Princess Princess: YuujiToru, ToruMik, YuujiMik, MikMegu Kyo Kara Maoh!: SaraYuri, YuriWolf

FMA/FMAB: EdRoy, EdWin, AlMing

Hated Couples:

Sasuke/any female, Naruto/any female except Hinata, Saku/any male besides Lee, Shino/anyone except maybe Kiba, Ino/Sasu, Ino/Naru, Ino/Neji, Kaka/Saku, Neji/any female, Gaara/Anyone other than Neji or Naruto, Kaka/Sasu, Kaka/Naru, Inu/Kag, Inu/Kikyo, Sess/any female, Ray/Mariah, Hiro/Hilary, Kai/Hilary, Max/Kenny, Daichi/anyone, Kai/Tyson

Favorite Games:

1. Naruto Series

2. Assassin's Creed

3. God of War

4. Resident Evil

5. Left 4 Dead

6. BioShock

7. Call of Cthulhu

8. Sonic

9. AikaOnline (MMORPG)

10. Mario Brothers and Co.

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