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Formally 4everMagic

Hello, my name is Rachel
I live in Australia and I'm are university student.
I love writing stories and hope to be a published author one day
I mainly read fantasy novels but most of the stuff I have written so far is the real world.
I am a huge Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire Fan.

As a side note, I apologise in advance for my terrible spelling and grammar. Even though I read and write all the time, I still have the spelling abilities of a five-year-old.
To the person that said; the more you read, the better you English will become; I will find you and I will hit you because it is a lie.

My fanfiction account is https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2286055/
My Tumblr is http:// 4everMagic. tumblr. com
My DeviantArt is http:// 4evermagic24601. deviantart. com
My Wattpad account is http:// www. wattpad. com/ user/ 4everMagic24601

The Final Countdown Series.
Short stories about five young adults. Daisy, Yasmin, Brian, A.J and Jim. They are part of a rock band called The Final Countdown.

A Change in Perceptive (Daisy centred)
You had your chance (Yasmin centred)
Lack of Birthday Spirit (A.J centred)
Being put second (Brian centred)
Do you want to buy some coffee (Jim centred)
Write me something (Yasmin centred) coming soon

The Hate List
Angelica McCann is the feared, pretty, popular girl. That every guy wants and every girl wants to be. Well not exactly everyone. Best friends Katarina (Kitty) Henderson and Amelia (Millie) Bennett have been the victims of bullying at the hands of Angelica for too long. Now they have finally decided that they have had enough. Kitty and Millie have made a list containing the names of all their tormentors. It is called The Hate List. Now along with a plan the two girls are taking done every person that has ever mistreated them; in the hope that they weren't hurt anyone else again.

The Broken Ones
Sequel to The Hate List. Alesia Floros has made a lot of decisions that she is not proud of. On the top of the list is abandoning her ex-best friend, Maya.

Having graduated from high school Alesia is all set to attend Edinborough University. She deliberately picked a University on the opposite side of Melbourne to her high school. Alesia plans to escape the bad decisions she has made and work towards becoming a better person. Over her first few weeks she manages to make friends with the crazy Goth girl Frankie, the quiet, talented, wallflower Valeriana and smart, geekily Johnny.

But Alesia new found happiness is tested as Angelica re-enters into her life. But to make matter worse Alesia begins to receive letters from her estranged mother.

The Alesia has only ever trusted two people with the secrets behind what really happened with her mother. One is dead and the other never wants to talk to her again. Will Alesia be able to open up to her new friend and relieve the truth she had kept buried for so long? Will her new found friends be able to help her before she self-destruct or will her mother and Angelica destroy her before they can even do anything?

A Different OutlookJude Peitersson has always felt like an outsider. With a literal way of thinking, horrible social skills, over acting anxiety, an extensive knowledge of musical theory and a large collection of toy dogs, he has always had trouble connecting with people his age. It is not his fault that the way he sees the world is different from anyone else.

It the final year of high school and Jude just needs to pass English so he can study Music at Melbourne University. It's too bad that he has struggled with reading and spelling since learning how to write. As if year twelve wasn't enough Jude has also developed feelings for his friend Renate.

Can Jude made it through his final year and get the girl?

Production order
The Hate List
The Broken Ones
A Different Outlook

Chronological order
The Hate List
A Different Outlook
The Broken Ones

Companion piece to The Hate List
Call her Tabitha
Her name is Tabitha (Prequel to call her Tabitha)

Stand alone stories
The End to the pain
A Broken Star
The squirrel
Hanna's fishing trip

Stand alone poems/ songs
Strangers Again (co-written with my friend Melissa).
Really me

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Forest of Lies
Scarlet agreed to attend Emma's birthday. Now she is stuck in the woods, with someone chasing her. Written for a writing class.
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Desire for the High Life
Jordin is unimpressed by her ordinary life. Rated T for references to sexual themes and swearing. Written for a writing class
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Old Habits and Old Ideas
A script that I wrote for a writing class about gender dynamics in a relationship. Not nearly as pretentious as it sounds. Olivia is sick of her boyfriend treating her like crap. Rated T for mild swearing.
Fiction: Play - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,392 - Published: 8/26/2017
A Different Outlook
Jude Peitersson has always had trouble fitting in. Preferring quiet corners to parties, and reading about Beethoven's life history to action movies. It his final year of high school, all he wants is to pass English so he can get into the university of his dreams, get used to his growing friendship group and work out want his feelings for Renate are. But nothing is ever that simple.
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Sequel to The Hate List. Alesia has always had problems. Her new friends Valeriana, Johnny and Frankie all have problems of their own as well. The four are just looking for a fresh start to escape the pain of the past but instead they will find out, that the past is a lot harder to out run then they first thought. Rated M for mentions of child abuse and sexual assault.
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Would you like to buy some coffee
Part of my Final Countdown Series. Jim has always been know it be the responsible and down to earth member of the band. No one expected him to be the person to develop a crush on a girl he had never spoken to. A girl that just so happens to look a lot like Elsa from Frozen.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: K - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,033 - Published: 7/11/2015
The squirrel
Spencer had always been a reckless driver. On a raining day she swerves to avoid hitting a squirrel. Little does she know that the squirrel pledges a debt to help her in her time of need. With Spencer horrible driver that day may come nearer then she would have hoped. Written using a prompt.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,550 - Published: 6/22/2015 - Complete
Hanna's fishing trip
Hanna loves fishing. It one of the few times she can feel close to her late father.
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Her Name was Tabitha
Prequel to Call her Tabitha. Tim just lost his best friend to Cancer. Now he has to listen to his classmates talk about the qualities they admired in her. That would be fine, expect the person they are describing isn't her.
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A compainion piece to my novel The Hate List. Daniella and Jim Marsh are expecting their first child. Jim would like to name her after his dead childhood bestfriend but Dani isn't so sure she would like her child to be named after someone that died so young. Can Tim changed her mind.
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Sometimes relationship don't work. Sometimes it is just too hard. You just need to accept that you are going to grow upart and be 'strangers again'. Co-written with my friend Melissa (she doesn't have a fictionpress account). Written for a school project.
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Precisely called 'I didn't understand then but I do now'. Part of The Final Countdown Series. When Daisy was ten her twin sister was killed. Seven years later Daisy comes face to face with her sisters killer.
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