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Hey, boys and girls! Here's Uncle BaiYuan's profile page!

What's up, guys? Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read about little old me. -"

Really not sure what's there to say about myself, however. I'm just your average 23-year-old NEET living in Houston, TX. I like to label myself with the following adjectives: narcissistic (because, as much as I looove to remain humble, I'm pretty damn amazing), antisocial (*Hiss* People!), and apathetic (it's a problem since I just could never bring myself to raise a damn, but, ugh. Effort). Oh, and I'm lazy. So fucking lazy. I would get into it, but that would mean work. :)

My favorite pastimes generally include playing video games (currently hooked on FFXIV; in fact, if it wasn't for a patch going on right now, I probably wouldn't be taking the time to be updating my profile right now), tabletop games (Dat Shadowrunner life, yo... Or, as my GM's preference usually goes, that Numenera life), and Netflix (Jesus Christ, Netflix peeps. How many animes are you going to put up? It's like you don't want me to go back to life. D:).

So, yeah. Your typical nerd things. LoL. As for why I'm here on Fictionpress... I always liked to write when I was younger? I liked to sit down and write whatever was brewing in that creativity pot at the moment and, you know, let it freaking expand, grow organically, whatever. But then, I started to get really depressed about my own writing because it just was never as I wanted it. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about. It lacked that 'oomph' or that flicker of life that really brings the words off the pages, you know?

So I gave up writing for a while when I was in college, but now -- seeing how I have all this free time on my hands since I'm unemployed, I thought I might as well try to pick up the trade once more. So far, I'm eking out a little at a time, trying to get myself back into practice of writing, and it's really nice to talk to the people on Fictionpress.

Like, Jesus. Didn't expect people to be so nice on the site, haha. Everyone's just encouraging each other to do their best and generally supporting one another to write. The community's a good place from what I have seen. :3

Alright. I think I'm done telling my life story here, LoL.

For people that TL;DR: If anyone wants to use me as a soundboard to bounce off ideas or just looking for someone to talk to at, like, 3AM in the morning, PM me. I'm usually awake. Good luck with your own writing, guys! :D

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