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Author has written 2 stories for Action, and Fantasy.

Name: Let's just say it's Jean.

Gender: Very definitely Female, last time I checked.

Age: Since when was that important, are you here to read or stalk me?

Favorite color: green. but like my Alias name, also scarlet.

Me: I'm athletic. I like soccer, tennis, basketball, and swimming. I happen to be very nice. I'm 5'8" making me tallish and therefore kinda intimidating and very forward, especially when in the presence of stupid people, jerks, and the occasional attention whore. I'm competitive but fair; loyal and protective (maybe more than I should be) and well...pretty much my life is one big oxymoron, but really, is anybody just a typical stereotype? I'd like to think there's more dimension to people than that.

My Stories: continued backgrounds

Raven's Blood: A modern day story about a girl's devotion and effort to save her family from not only their financial issues and death in the family, but also her terrifying struggle with her past; one that could tear them all apart. The nightmare that haunts her is one of the largest and most dangerous gang's in her city, The Rouge Raven--a gang she hurt and demands revenge. In her fight to block out her sins of the past and keep her future alive, Kammie worries about her family's survival. Her mother strains to keep them financially afloat which requires the cost of her presence at work rather than with her kids--a heavy tole after her husband's sudden death only a few years earlier. In turn, it leaves Kammie in charge of her little sister, Molly. Kammie juggles school, a job to help her mother, Molly, daycare and everything in between; while trying to keep her darkest secret of her past locked up from her family and the world. But nothing can be hidden, no matter the length of time. Especially when the one she is trying to bury it from is Rouge Raven's very own leader; the very person who's life she ruined and he has a debt to settle with that will claim her life if she pays it. As loyalties are tested, promises are shattered, the strong are broken and the life Kammie knows is tested, she may only have one last choice. But how can she trust a total stranger? And why is it that she feels connected to him, and he to her? In the end though, someone has to die.

But who?

Die in Daylight: Takes place in a medieval world in a small and dying village surrounded on one side by thick and relentless forests and the ocean on the other. Allia is charged since the time of her older brother's disappearance/death to watch over her people and keep them safe. Her own parents having perished when she was young, leaves her with her frail grandmother and sick little sister to care for, and later an adopted sister to feed as well. In her village food is scarce, land does not easily yield crops and nighttime awakens the forest. Cursed by the gods, Allia's tribe suffers from the constant plague at night of horrifying beasts that murder her people and are only weakened by the sunlight. The demons reside inside of the forest--the only place her people can hunt and gather herbs--making them extremely vulnerable every time they attempt a raid. They must survive though, even if blood is required. But as Winter draws near, more and more people become haunted, starved from sleep and malnourishment, and the sunlight becomes less and less making them lambs for slaughter...but more then that, the monsters are adapting and growing stronger. To answer her vow, Allia teams up with her best friend, the Village's leader, to find a solution to their problem; but the answer is tragic. Is it a true answer, or has insanity finally crept across their minds as well? Will it save the tribe, or kill them? Allia is determined to find the the truth and to do so, she will have to break the oath she swore to her brother: to never abandon them, and protect them until death. However her loyalty resides first with her family and when she's required to pick between her tribe or her family her only escape goes against everything she's ever learned--She must leave the safety of her homeland and find a savior in the depths of the forests.

She has until nightfall.

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