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Hey guys!!! My name is Addie (short for Adrian) and I'm sixteen years old!

A few things about me:

I LOVE music. I live it. I play guitar, piano and sing. Demi Lovato is my idol. I named my character in my story afteYr her. I love every type of music (except gabba 'music' because let's face it; that isn't real music). I love bands such as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

I LOVE cooking. I love Italian & Thai food. I LOVE my family. I have a very big Italian family and I'm very proud of my heritage.

I'm very cultured. I was born in Italy to an Italian- American mother and an Australian father. I moved to the land down under when I was two and I've lived there ever since! I have family in Texas as well. I love travelling. I've been all over Europe and I want to go to the Middle East as well. I've also been to Singapore and Thailand.

I heart my friends!!! Jussaying... :) They are my life, they make the day just that little bit brighter. The Best Friends: Molly, Maddie, Sean, Nikki, Aleks, Stefani, Carla, Aaron, Tadija, Erin, Briana, Milan, Esau, Kristien, Tegan, Brodie, Justin, Rosalee and Aidan!! We run the school.

I LOVE my boyfriend. My little bear.

Hmmm...I have black hair with red through it that looks purple in the sunlight almost to my waist, green eyes (although my friend says that they are actually 'glasz' coloured) I'm in year 12 and my favourite subject is Society & Culture.

I have 14 piercings; double studs in my ears, my left tragus, my bellybutton, eyebrow, three cartilage on one ear and two on the other, two surface piercings on my hip. I have four tattoos; a hp lightning bolt on my left index finger, the equal sign on my left middle finger to show that everyone is equal and no one is superior to the other, Hope on my right hip in support for those suffering from breast cancer and a black cross on the side of my left hand like Demi Lovato's. I have to cover that one with makeup when I go to school lol :)

Quotes that get me through the day:

~Go big or go home~

~Life at it's own~

~Who am I to say?~

~Stars have their moments and then they die~ Nick Cave "Are You the One That I've Been Waiting For"

~If I think about death than some other people, it is probably because I love life more than they do~ Angelina Jolie

I have an account on Fanfiction but I'm just trying my hand at some original characters for the time being.

Johnny Cash is my hero. His music has gotten me through some dark times in my life. One day when I was fifteen my grandfather got out a bunch of records and told me to just listen. I did. Nothing has got to me like that. I was just crying as I listened and literally realized that I was living the wrong way.

I LIVE FOR HARRY POTTER. Twilight sucks. It is the most ILlogical book ever written. I can't understand why people think Edward Cullen is perfect. He emotionally abuses Bella. He doesn't let her do anything she wants and treats her more like a daughter than a girlfriend. I can't understand why people think Bella is a role model. She is a selfish, whiny, bitchy, miserable brat who can't live without men. HO-NEST-LY. Stephenie Meyer is the worst writer in the history of worst writers. The only good character is Emmett and the werewolves (minus Jacob who was smitten with Bella and then imprints on a FRICKEN BABY). What is up with the relationship between Quil and Claire. And don't give me the crap that he's acting as a big brother till she's old enough to date him. The whole thing is fucked up. AND THE THING I HATE MOST ABOUT TWILIGHT IS THE FACT THAT EDWARD AND ALICE LEFT ALL THOSE PEOPLE TO DIE IN ITALY AT THE HANDS OF THE VOLTURI! Can't they do anything about it?!?!?!?!? Letting innocent people to die is A-OK just as long as Ed-weird and Smelly Belly can touch faces all night long!Sorry for the rant but I just thought I'd let y'all know how much I'm opposed to this shitty, SHITTY book.

Ok! Please READ & REVIEW my stories guyss!! Make this young lady happy.


Wild and Green by teaganivory reviews
Fifteen-year old Hailey Tewksbury always considered herself to be a loser, but she somehow ended up sleeping with one of the most popular guys in her grade. Things couldn't be more complicated after that. His best friend seems to be interested in her, her friends are bullying her and even worse, she's pregnant.
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