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Greetings traveller; stop and take rest. Enjoy my company for a time. You have journeyed far. I don’t have much to offer you, but the little that I have is priceless. Relax with me and enjoy a tale or two from my personal work. And when you have had your fill, do feel free to continue on your way.

You desire to find something eternal but do you even know where you are going, or have you wandered endlessly in vain search? You have travelled a long way and plan to travel further still, for you are determined. But even more than that, you are helplessly lost.

Surely I say therefore, stop; for when you hear my words you will gain a new idea, direction and beginning. You see, what you are truly seeking is a story. Do I know you? Of course not! But that does not matter. Your face tells a story. A story of you. And that for me is enough.

How do I understand these things? Well, one day a long time ago I was wandering too, when I told a tale that I decided to share. It was then I realised that I had found what I had been looking for. Something that is hard to find, something that is precious, something that is eternal, a story.

I have never stopped wandering. Don’t be fooled! Now I wander with a purpose; to find fellow travellers like yourself and share with them the only thing that has life eternal, so that they may understand my plan.

You see, just like my stories, I too plan to live forever. I'll continue to walk down the road of time and tell my stories to passer-by’s along the way. If I get to the end of that road and you're not there, I'll stand waiting. Hand in hand, together we'll cross over at the point of no return, up into the blinding light.

Enjoy your journey dear traveller, and I'll see you at road's end.

D. S. Eden

If you are interested in more about my work or myself, do feel free to send a message.

The pieces published here (including the profile essay) are original and I hold full rights to all work uploaded on this account. If you would like to use any of my submissions in your own work, you may contact me providing details about your project that I will take into fair consideration. You may not use my work for your own projects unless I have exclusively granted permission for you to do so. Please do not steal from myself or others.

Thank you.

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