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This is just where I will write (type?) until I'm satisfied. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee completion for everything because, like I said, it will be until I am satisfied. I'm not too crazy about English, or writing, for that matter... but sometimes I just need to write things down from my head so that my thoughts don't consume my being as a whole.

For starters, I'm interested in cats, sex, music, words, astrology, nature, and learning. I hope to visit Paris and India one day, as I am obsessed with the cultures. I would love to make some new friends, so feel free to PM me! We can talk about books, writing, things to lust after, life- anything really. I enjoy getting to know people and understanding how they live, so if you don't mind that, then by all means please make yourself known.

Have a lovely day and thanks for dropping by!

-Lady Phosphenes

Some words:

(noun) Feigning disinterest in something while actually desiring it.

(verb) The act of running one's fingers through their lover's hair.

(noun) The discovery of beauty in imperfection.