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Here I write my old pretty messed up life about me. A 16-year-old Korean-Irish-Caucasian mixed. Strange, right. Tell me about it, if I look more asian, maybe people would think I look smart instead of stoned. But I swear to God, I don't get stoned - it's unhealthy! Well.. Technically I don't get stoned anymore . . . . I go by Lawrence. Or Law. . . But don't make the corny joke of - oh Law the Lawyer! It's so freaking corny to the max. But ironically, " laws " are the least of my worries. :P

Just a FYI and Random Facts About Me: I am a junior in High School. I have 5 brothers. My older brother, Derek. Then my twin, Lucas. Then my younger brother Leo. And then my stepbrother Thomas. And finally, my half brother Dustin. And one sister, my stepsister Stephanie. I currently live with my mom and step-dad. I play football, but love soccer. I love cheese. I sometime watch Chick-Flick. I have my asshole moments only when I'm either pissed off at the world or hungover. I have a bad temper. I hate pickles. I am a Capricorn. That's a goat, right? I am VERY blunt. Which makes me rude at times. My favorite color is blue. My favorite NFL team is the Texans. I watch Anime. And Korean drama, because my mom makes me watch it with her. Of course it have to be with English subtitles because I barely understand Korean even though I am half Korean.. I am planning to join the Marines after High School. I want a tattoo on my bicep because it'll look bad ass Lol.

Random Rant (9.6.12): It's such a boring Saturday, and there's nothing to do, and I'm just sitting here watching Naruto Shippuden. Honestly, the old Naruto is way better than the Naruto Shippuden because NS keep replaying some flashback and it's FREAKING ANNOYING. And school sucks, Junior year is like a Thursday, close to the weekend but not exactly a weekend. Can't wait until Senior year. And since I have nothing to do, which is why I am going to finally update my "biography", I figured calling it a memoir is more suited than a biography, right? Ironic since I have 3 essay that need to be done by Tuesday. That can always wait... I always try to procrastinate until the very end... Like what I'm doing now and not updating my story...

Continuing the Rant (9.6.12): It literally took me more than 2 hours to finish ONE chapter, mostly because I'm doing other stuff like.. Watching a movie on Netflix. NEVER EVER WATCH THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. It's so fawking disgusting. And then Skyline is like the worst alien movie ever. The only good part is the action, but beside that, there's no plot. And it's confusing. Probably because I'm not too bright to understand it.. And there's no food...I'm sad...Whoever is reading my rant, you're awesome. And you know how confusing girls are? You call them, and then they say they're doing something else, and when you don't call them, they get all mad and be like, "Why didn't you call me?" Girls! Make up your mind! On to the next rant, I'm on the edge of failing pre-calculus. I SUCK at math. Or maybe I should just start paying more attention.. But it's so boring, as if in the future I would use calculus in my life! And if I hear another one direction song, I'm going to kill somebody. My stepsister kept replaying it again and again to drive me nuts! Spoiler to my Bio, my parents got divorce when I was 14 over the summer. It's a long story.. Which I'll eventually write about...Whenever that'll be...

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