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Hi there!

My name is Ghost of the old age (dur) or Ghost for short. I'm a very constant user of and well, I've found so many awesome and good stories. Right now I'm in the process of writing my own. It's called 'Rising of the Star' and it is a story about the daughter of Hades. Also, there will be other demi-gods introduced later.

I'm eighteen now, and will be nineteen next March. I'm a high school student going into grade thirteen this September and am pretty much dreading the thought of being in my last year. I don't have much of a social life so I should be able to keep up on my stories even when school starts again.

I have a big family separated into two households. I live with my mom most of the time and my dad on the weekends. I have three brothers, a sister, two step brothers and a step sister. Plus all my other relatives that you probably don't want to read about. And I love my friends. I have two very close ones that I might die for. Don't quite know if they're that important yet. I kid; I'd do anything for those two girls. Though, I also have other close friends that I'm just not as close to.

I've been writing fan fictions since I was in grade seven and have tried to write my own original stories as well. Though none have yet to work out for me. And I love reading different books to learn other styles of writing. I can honestly say that I hate how I write. I don't feel as though I put enough detail into it, but I don't want to end up being one of those weird writers who describe everything down to the colour of each individual grass blade. Oh and I like reading about Wicca and Paganism as well. It's a very interesting thing to learn about.

I'm a big animal person. I have three cats at my mom's house along with two fish and a hamster. At my dad's house we only have one cat though my dad and I want a dog. I can't say whether I'm a cat or dog person though. Dogs always smell funny and drool but cats have bad tempers and tend to be overly cuddly (my cat is a suck).

Well I think you people who actually bothered to read about me are probably bored now. So I ask you to read my story, review and probably ignore me for the rest of you time on the internet :)

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