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IMPORTANT: I HAVE BEEN PLAGIARIZED! Several readers who I am much indebted to have alerted me to the fact that several people on different sites have stolen my work 'Dared to Love'. So far the count is at SIX COUNTS OF THEFT. As you can imagine as the author of this I am both gutted and ridiculously angry. I have worked on 'Dared to Love' for a long time and consider it my baby. Please support me by following the below links and posting on these stolen stories demanding that they take these stories down. Please help me!

Afternote: Thankfully four out of the six have now been taken down. Three, without any comment, and one with a hearty apology. She claims that her friend gave her the story to use to get attention before she wrote her own story. At the time she thought this was strange because her friend had never written before. However she still did it. She still put it up as her work. But I have forgiven her. Now there's just two to go...

The thieves:
Meow-meow2000 - taken down
snowcat 3 - taken down
QuishaAnn - taken down
Klassy Paradyse
Mengenair Saya
owenaaw - taken down

Until these stories are taken down I will not update my story Dared to Love. This has devastated me. One count of plagairism I could have handled but this might stop me writing online for good. But before it comes to that I would like to firmly thank KaRue and Melissa A for alerting me to these thefts. And any other readers who have or will support me on this issue. And to the people that have asked, yes I have reported them on Wattpad and etc. I know you have to be the owner of the work to report them and I have done this. Thankyou.


P.S I have also started putting my stories on Wattpad because then if they try to steal them again I can say that mine were up there first. I'm under the pen name Ancora over there if you feel like looking me up.

Hey there, I'm Atramento (No duh) and I'm made of sugar, spice and all things nice. I'm here because I love to write and I'm guessing you're here because you're interested in knowing something about me. Well here goes...

My real name is Sarah, I live in New Zealand and I love it, although I'm half American as well. I have brown hair, blue-grey eyes, pale skin and more freckles than there are stars. I'm also highly sarcastic, I graduated procrastination at the top of my class and I have a healthy respect for irony. Romance is my favourite genre to write though lately I seem to have been getting into deep and meaningful life genres too. My great loves are reading, writing, mythology and chocolate. I enjoy laughing like an idiot and making other people laugh like idiots. I also despise tragic endings, with the odd exception. The most important thing about me is that I'm a Christian and I love God, my family and my friends more than anything. Still, I’d be the first to admit that I’m far from anything resembling perfect. I’m just a kiwi gal trying to create her own sense of snazz. Someday I’d like to be an author but I’m realistic enough to understand that very few people can support themselves on that alone (at least in NZ) and first I’m going to have to get a job. I’d prefer something in the English or Classics lines…but who knows? Someday I may be famous for making nachos a dependant food source. (If you read Dared to Love you’ll get that one).

If you read my work, THANK YOU. If you review my work I LOVE YOU. And if you find a way to end child suffering, bring about world peace or make people in Cinemas turn their phones off YOU ARE MY IDOL. Anyhoo, toddleoo!


P.S Check out my new website and my figment account. And I'm now on twitter! So boom, I can tweet!
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I dream of a better world, where chickens can cross the road without their motives being questioned - Anonymous

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Dared to Love reviews
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