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Hello, world! I'm pretty much just your average teenage girl who loves writing. I have a lot of pretty cool ideas I'd like to share with this world for your and my enjoyment!

So bear with me, when I say writing fanfiction on is a lot easier than writing my own material, so I might not have stuff on here right away.

But I hope that when I do, you will all like it.

I'm open to flames and critique, though I don't like the principle of them.

Flames are really just the absolute opposite of constructive criticism. They are designed to make you feel bad about your writing.

But believe me, they are not the worst thing this world and this Internet has to offer.

So if you get flames, think about what they are saying, but don't let your emotions get out of control. But if you're the really emotional type, Report them.

And if you yourself actually flame a lot then please stop and think about what you are saying. In a review, you should always try to get your point across about a specific thing you didn't particularly like in the story, but you should never hurt the writer, purposely or no.

That kind of behavior is very imature and looked down upon. And people WILL look down on you, if you hurt them intentionally or no.

But if you do hurt the writer unintentionally, and they even send you hate mail, always apologize and explain what you meant, nicely.

I have sent flames myself, so I am speaking from experience. In fact, I sent a flame to one of my best friends, whom I met on

I had read a new chapter of one of her stories, but I hadn't felt comfortable with what was in it. So then in my review I said some things I did not mean to hurt her.

Then she stopped talking to me. Some time later another one of my and her friend's whom she actually knew in her real life PMed me to call me out on it. My other friend did not want to do it, I suppose.

For a while we talked about it, and I told her that I did not mean to hurt this other friend at all! And luckily she understood and told me that she was fine and that she hadn't liked some of what this other girl had written either.

Finally, the friend I hurt PMed me and we had a pretty serious talk. I did my best to apologize with all my heart, mind, and soul. I thought she didn't want to be friends with me any more, but it turns out it was the opposite. She still wanted to be my friend, but she was hurt by me.

And so we're still friends.

But to this day I am still ashamed of flaming her, even if it was unintentional.

So you see, always try to get your point across in a review, but, no matter what, don't flame anyone. Please.

But still, always review! Some writers will give you virtual hugs, cookies, and/or plushies! Or other stuff that I don't know about yet! Happy reading!

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