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Hello there (:

..*kicks dirt* not much to say ._.

If you read one of my stories, please review, they're so appreciated!

I love people, so message me anytime if you want to talk, ask for my e-mail if you like, request me on Facebook too, I won't mind!

If you want to check for me on any other network- FictionPress, Youtube, DeviantArt- just search up for 6xXBladeXx9. I use that username on...whatever I'm on, really.

Love you :D

May 17th 013

Hey guys. Remember me? Haha, I don't even remember me. It's been like, years, I'm ashamed of myself. Last time I didn't write was due to exams, and now exams have rolled around again and I have no time- once again.

See where procrastination gets you, kids? It's bad.

I'm not even going to bother to ask you guys not to give up on me, cuz y'all don't even know who I am anymore, so it's like I'm an all new author cuz I've disappeared for so damn long. I hope you're all okay, I miss you and I suck.

Much love, for those of you who even want it...

Name : Stephanie. Please, call me anything but.

Age : Well...I was born in 1995.

Sex : Of the female sort.

Relationship Status : Good question.

Country : I reside in the lovely twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. It really is pretty here.

Favourite Colour : Purple.

Interested in : ..you.

Occupation : Student. In high school.

How tall are you? : Don't you mean...how short are you?

Glasses? : Yes...since I was 3 years old.

Eye colour? : Brown.

Hair type? : Black, but right now it's auburn and short. And it's curly.

Skin colour? : Caramel

Music? : Everything- Reggae, Dancehall, Rock, Heavy Metal, KPop, JPop, Reggaeton, Dubstep- I love them all!

Books? : Fantasy, romance. All the time. It takes me away...y'know?

Movies? : I don't look at much...if any.

Accent? : Um. Well I don't think I have one. But I do. A Trinidadian accent. From what foreigners say, we always talk in a very sing-song matter. Do we now?

Dance? : Yes, please! All day, everyday.

Games? : I play a few (:

Current work:

1. The Compications of Love and Friendship

This story is about Christine, poor confused Christine, and her life and friends basically; mostly on her, Jude and Nori. She's so confused about her feelings about her friend, Jude..and just about her feelings in general. Jude's willing to stick it out with her..but is Nori okay with this?
I'm trying my best to update this constantly, but time is not aweome as I am, finding the time to write is difficult, and ideas come faster than my fingers can move. Not cool.

Other work:

Uh, almost nonexistant, just one other story on FanFiction. Check it out, much appreciation you shall get. I go by the same penname on FanFiction.

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