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Before I bore you about myself, to all my readers, I have a Twitter account now, so feel free to follow, message me, or whatever on there. Kthxbai.

Where do I start?

Well, I guess I'm saying something by saying I'm not a person who can be described in a short amount of words. Let's start with appearance first. I'm half black and white, so I naturally have a tan skin color that's some variation between medium and olive. I have straight, medium-length chestnut brown hair that I usually curl so it's wavy, and large hazel eyes. I would consider my lips to be full, but not so much so they take up my whole face. I always know if I'm dehydrated, because when I am, my lips lose their natural red color. The thing I absolutely hate the most on my face is my nose; I find it enormous and just unattractive. Reading my description now, it makes my sound pretty, but I find myself very plain looking unless I'm wearing makeup.

Now that you have my appearance down, here's a summary of my personality.

I'm one of those people who's always talking and has a habit of occasionally putting my foot in my mouth, which is ironic since - unknown to everyone around me - I actually spend more time thinking about things than I do talking. To the people who do know me, think about that. I like to do social things, but I also enjoy being alone; it gives me more time to think, and mope, and be that dark part of myself no one knows about (unless you're reading this.) Well that was a stupid idea. Oh well, I'm too lazy to delete that there, and secretly, I probably wish people knew the real me (to some extent) but who knows. You know what, I seem to just be writing down every thought that comes to my head right now, so I'm just going to keep doing that. Like I said above, I'm one of those naturally bubbly people, which is a good cover for my other half, considering I have some very dark, sadistic, sick and twisted thoughts hiding there. If you read my horror, those are ideas I just come up with. No hard thinking whatsoever. Yeah. And I'm still pretty young. It may come as a shocker, since I know how to use proper grammar, punctuation, ect. unlike other people my age, but I am an amazing 13 years old. Barely. My birthday's in June. Well, I guess after some time, I'll get older, and this Profile writing will become irrelevant, but whatever. Why are you still reading this? Basically I'm the perfect example of a Gemini because of my one hand being all cute, and happy and nice, while my other hand is cruel, dark and mean. Happy thoughts. Now that I read this, I mostly sound like the "bad" side because I'm writing this in a bad mood. I don't really care, so if you do, you can suck it. Wow, I really feel like I'm blogging right now...

Attempting to steer clear of my irritability, here's a bullet list of things about myself.

o Though it says I've only written one story on this site, I'm in the process of writing several others on FanFiction.net. This story is one of them, and currently has more chapters updated there, but, like I said in my AN, this is where original works are to be published.

o My favorite color is Rainbow, because I like all colors, but my specific interests in certain colors depend on my mood.

o If I could be an animal I'd be a unicorn. I can't be a unicorn? ...Then I'd be a wolf.

o I love roller coasters. I used to actually hate them, because I went on a really scary one when I was young(er), but then I went on some again recently and I love them.

o I love eating sushi (as long as it's good, not that crappy stuff you buy pre-packaged in the refrigerated section of some supermarket.)

o I enjoy reading about and practicing the concept of fashion. I recently became interested in it and love it.

o I love knowledge and learning new things. I know a lot of information about random topics simply because I can spend hours on the internet just browsing...

o I have the ability to see things from several points of view, making me very empathetic, so that I will almost never be hostile towards another person. Unless of course I feel they deserve it. It also allows me to have debates with myself in my head.

o I have a habit of conjuring very poetic and/or "deep" thoughts in my mind, but I almost never say them out loud.

o I'm a wonderful liar. Am I lying right now? You don't know, do you?

o For some unknown reason I'm very interested in the dark and mysterious. I have a habit of sympathizing with the things most people consider scary, or monsters, ect. It doesn't make me entirely unafraid of them, but I still feel for them to an extent.

o I almost never show what I'm really feeling. I am usually in a true good mood, but when I'm depressed/"emo" I cover it up.

o Ooh, here's something interesting. My sexuality! I would consider myself Straight, but I have Bisexual tendencies, which probably labels me as Questioning.

o I can't stand it when people discriminate against others. I've always felt this way about everything, so it's not just that I'm saying this to sound "cool" or whatever.

o I'm really weird when it comes to favorite things. I find it basically impossible to name one or two specific things I prefer over others, so if anyone asks, they better be prepared for a very long list.

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