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Once upon a time, there lived a girl. She was happy and cared. She wanted people to know they were cared for. She wasn't brave though, nor did she have the words to say, so she wrote it out. She soon found out she couldn't express love and caring through writing only sadness and depression. Only her own. She wish she could express anger and happiness, and most of all love. Instead she bottled them up and hid those feelings inside. Every love, or romantic endeavor lost to fear and lack of words. She wished herself prettier smarter, sweeter, anything to get them to come to her. They never came. She lost confidence at an alarming rate. But now, she's older and see's that everyone has a path they must follow. People leave and come back as needed in their lives. There is a plan for everyone, and we all have to follow it. In the end it doesn't matter if we were rich or poor, ugly or beautiful in life. It only matters to be rich in faith and beautiful in heart.

My name is Storms and to be completely honest I have been pushed shoved kicked and blatantly called stupid, because I don't understand Rhetorical analysis or how to read apparently. I have been told my writing blows and I should just need to stop, but to be honest and excuse my grammar and the words in the next part, but "FUCK YOU HATERS I DO WHAT I WANT!"

Currently my favorite saying is "Just Do You," because it's true. Be Yourself. Do What You Want To Do.Don't let society guide who you are or what you can be. It's so hard not to get caught up in this mess of a world. We just have to remember we need to be ourselves. That's what makes us unique.

Hey there Delilah, means a lot to me and always has and I don't know why, but I love it.


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Change of Heart by iminfinite reviews
Colton and Rylie have shared their most precious memories together as best friends. What will they do when they realize that their feelings may mean something more? Will they tell each other? Or be stuck keeping the secret for once, to themselves? Yeah, love has too many obstacles. But being best friends complicates things even further...
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Slash. Ask anyone and they'd tell you Harper Hennessy is perfect. Everyone except me, of course. I didn't buy that bull for a second. He HAD to have something wrong with him-some flaw in that Golden Boy ruse. And me being my nosy self, I was determined to find out what it was. Which I did. But this is NOT what I expected to happen. This is not what was SUPPOSED to happen. At all.
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Back To You by rainthereader reviews
There was a pain in my chest at his words. But I just gazed at him, unsure of what to say. He was right. It would be a mistake. And no matter how many times my weak heart and frail mind wanted him to kiss me, it would be selfish, not to mention immoral. In the end we would both regret it, and that would hurt the most.
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Can two teen opposites make it through school? Can a popular boy really love a shy, normal girl? Can she really have the most handsome boy in school? For that matter, the State?
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Soul by The Girl Who Can reviews
She wore paint splattered jeans, shoelaces on her wrists, old worn out converses, and loose plain white tees. She had musician's hands and wore no make up, she wasn't a typical beauty and was seen as strange, so why, why was he falling for her?
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Puzzle Pieces by jasrub24 reviews
Alyssa Lewis and her twin brother's lives was turned upside down when she was hauled halfway across the east coast for her dad's job. She left behind her cozy home in Maine and her amazing best friend, Tyler to embrace the small town Connecticut life. However things heat up while also falling apart with the entrance of a new boy into the Lewis's life...
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Suite Heaven by PupPupPop reviews
Karen's mom wants Karen to stop her obsession with girls. So she does what any loving mother would do, send her to a boy's dorm! But not only will she not have any girls around her, and be around men, but she will also have to keep her identity a secret.
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Twisted Fairy Tale reviews
Alexandra was a normal 8 year old girl. But her life is soon flipped upside down causing every belief in fairy tales to disappear as she gets older. By the time she is 16 her life seems like a story of its very own. Read more to find out more.
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My life just got complicated. Chris is my best friend in the whole world and when one dream wakes me up in the middle of the night it changes my entire perspective of him. R&R
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My Mental Journal reviews
Kristen has just moved to California. This is her journal. She dreads this move because she just became a bigger social outcast. Oh, did I mention the Mr. Popular lives across the street. For her it's gonna be a long year. Read and Review Rated- language
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Forbidden reviews
Elysia is a princess of a small country. Like every princess she is destined to wed a prince to unify there kingdoms. But will Elysia's heart belong to someone else? Read and Review.
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