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I've been creating and writing fantasy stories for as long as I can remember, although it took me a long time to begin to write them down. Fully aware of my writing weaknesses, I took a break and started to write fanfiction and the popularity of those helped to build my confidence and improve my writing. After a couple of aborted attempts at publishing on here, I'm back with one of my longest Sagas; Magistrates, Magicians & Mutants.

Name Lists and Information about my stories

Spirit Friend (Book 1 of Magistrates, Magicians & Mutants)

Do you fear this latest dawn?

With talk of changelings being born?

Do not be scared, do not ignore,

A new age calls for rich and poor.

Artwork for 'Magistrates, Magicians & Mutants (including a map) can be found in the relevant folder on my Deviant Art - same username.

This is a huge saga which I've recently started to rework. I'm planning this to be a seven books series and the first four are already roughly done, so it's just a matter of slowly publishing what I have whilst working on the later books.

Characters (so far)

Marilla's Tale

Marilla - Young girl

Vorril - Marilla's father

Sanya - Marilla's mother

Geral - Marilla's brother

Omal Vorril's sponsor.

Kovil - Fiver (governor) of Tertia Quint

Zorul - young pre-rite friend of Marilla's

Sasha's Tale

Sasha - Young girl

Alyia - Sasha's friend

Eleana - Alyia’s mother

Rubil = Alyia's brother

Marsha - Sasha’s mother

Mayil – Sasha's father

Dezel - Sasha's brother

Kiell – Sasha's friend

Siria – village girl

Bianca – village girl from Teria

Mira - oldest girl in Sasha's class


Quire - World

quire - person/people

Quincunx - Empire/Country

Quint - Region/County

Fiver - The five magistrates who govern the Quints

Palaces - Old royal castles. Now used as City Halls

Halls - Town or Village Halls

Temples - Religious buildings

The Five - not gods, as such. This is more of an abstract worship of the number plus a celebration of a modern, forward-thinking world

The Spirits - Ancient gods. Now mostly worshiped in the more remote areas of the far north.

The Wire - Telegraph system

Gems - Special stones all quires wear. Technology? Magic? no-one is sure. Not wearing it feels worse than being naked!

Sharovary - loose fitting trousers that all quires wear

Spirit Friend
Book 1 of 'Magistrates, Magicians & Mutants'. In the world of the Quire, two young girls grow up in different eras, different regions and with very different belief systems. Their paths will cross in unexpected ways, every decision they make influenced by a past and future full of magic and conflict. Who would you trust? Magistrates, Magicians or Mutants?
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 39,771 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 3/1 - Published: 6/2/2017