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I'm just a normal girl who loves anime along with my friend who share this account with me. I hope all the story I write people will enjoy and not flame them because it really hurts me when they do, but again who cares. Oh yeah before I forget if you get confused by who write what story. All of the story I will write will have Akihiko writing on them plus I only write manga because it my future to one day be a manga writer. So bye and have a good day and God Bless.

On yeah if their any good talent manga drawers out their that would love to draw my manga let me know, but i will tell you this! I'm very picky with it come to manga drawers and i love peope who can draw hot male characters along with cute or mature anime girls! Good luck!

Herea picture of some of my characters from Demon Slayer Chinatsu! and it is done by my fantastic illustrator, OnigiriPandahats on deviantART!

Chi: http:///#/art/Chi-483785938?_sid=6848924c

Three of the Demon Slayer Weapons: http:///#/art/Demon-Slayer-Weapons-484047544?_sid=7c9859e5

Ren and Chi:http:///art/Chi-And-Ren-485033314?ga_submit_new=10

Aki: http:///art/Aki-Hotness-Lol-486045948?q=gallery&qo=0

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Once Upon A Fairytale Adventure reviews
A scream ripped from her throat, stilled blinded from the light, but yet felt as if she was falling from the sky, feeling the harsh force of the winds that were unable to stop her. 'What on earth is going on' She mentally exclaimed. While in the eyes of many citizens of the foreign kingdom she was transported too, saw her as a shooting star of light and hope. (Reverse Harem).
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