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I'm 15 and proud to be English. :D My name is inspired by Sweeney Todd, best musical and film in the world :)

I have quite a lot of obsessions, but main ones are Sweeney Todd, Victorian London, horror films, coke and marmite. Also Johnny Depp, there is not a wall of my room without a picture of him on :)

I am here because a friend of mine inspired me to write after i heard something of hers. Kitten dear, you know who you are :) Also i really want to get better at writing, I read a million fanfics a day! I don't know if anything will make it up here, but at least when i feel like writing i have something to do with it :).

I love gothic literature, and tragic love stories, particularly when accompanied with evanescence. But that doesn't mean i don't appreciate a parody when i read one :) In fact, Hairy Farter and the Half burped prince on youtube is the most hilarious thing i've ever seen ;)

^*& Awesome quotes &*^

Eggs cost money! - Cheaper by the dozen 2

Da da da da da da da da dunlAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! - Shark Tale

Now excuse me, I need to go and polish my farts. They twinkle like the moon you know. - Me whilst hyper pretending to be Robert Pattinson :)

Tongue scrubber, tongue scrubber! - Shark Tale