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It's Just the Beginning series; 4 books. Rewrite of Book I: in-progrees. Chapter 7: in-progress. Genre: fantasy/romance.

In the Light of the Full Moon mini-prequel. Mini-prequel to Book IV of It's Just the Beginning series. Chapters: 1; in-progress, near completion. Genre: fantasy.

F-X: The Ultimate Storm series; 3 books. Collaboration project with a friend; writing Book I from my character's point of view. May post on here. F-X: The Ultimate Storm; Ivan's Story: in-progress. Chapter 1: near completion (?) Genre: action/romance.


Forget-Me-Not; 1 book. Chapters: 5 (incomplete; halted for various reasons); genre: fantasy/romance.

Whisper to Me; 1 book. Chapters: ?? (incomplete; halted for various reasons); genre: fantasy/romance/action/adventure.

The Assassin's Maiden; 1 book. Chapters: 7 (incomplete; halted for various reasons); genre: fantasy/romance/action.

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I'm an artist and a writer, though both of these are just my hobbies. I'm going to college, pursuing a degree in Psychology, and also studying the Japanese language, the Chinese language, the Korean language (on my own), and criminal justice. I have almost two years of Japanese study, and I am starting my first semester in Chinese. Korean, I'm learning on my own, so it is a slow process, but I'm hoping to be fluent in it someday. As well as Japanese and Chinese. My classmates call me crazy, but I love learning kanji and the Chinese characters (both Simplified and Traditional). My dream is to become a translator for Asian languages. I plan to go to Japan after I graduate and participate in the JET Programme as an ALT. After that, I plan to attend a two-year intensive study program to become as proficient as possible in Japanese. I would also like to do some intensive studies in both Chinese and Korean. In addition to these three languages, I have also taken Latin (two years in high school back when I was going for pre-medical), and a semester of French (just for funnsies).

Learning foreign languages is one of my many passions. So is writing my own original stories, and drawing artwork that corresponds with them.

I've created this FictionPress account to share my stories. They are already posted on the sites above, but I am looking to expand my audience of readers even more. I am also hoping to get my stories published someday, though that would be a side project/hobby rather than my profession.

I mostly write original works of fiction that typically fall under one or more of these genres: fantasy, romance, action.

I use foreign languages in my stories (for example, my story "It's Just the Beginning: The First Stage" and its sequels) contain Latin phrases). I will provide translations where necessary. I prefer to write Asian languages in their original form (in other words, in HIRAGANA, KATAKANA, KANJI, CHINESE CHARACTERS (HÀNZÌ), or HANGEUL) rather than romanization. Again, I will provide translations when necessary.

Most of my stories are rated OLDER TEEN for people 16 and older, mostly due to: strong/coarse language, sexual themes, violence that ranges from mild to graphic. Of course, I can't have anything too graphic on this FictionPress account, so I will note if I have to cut out a particular scene in the future. My uncut stories can be found both on my deviantART and tumblr.

I thank you for reading my stories. I appreciate any constructive criticism you have to offer me. I also appreciate positive feedback from my readers. No flaming please. If you don't like my stories, then don't read them. It's as simple as that.


It's Just the Beginning: The First Stage
When the third-bred Aura arrives at the prestigious Shades University, she is met with scorn and contempt. But she has come to Shades University for a reason; for a mission. What is her mission? And will she succeed? Book 1 of 4
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 16,740 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 9/15/2011