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You will see of me what I want you to see. Naught more, naught less. Generally i will let you be, but touch me or mine wrong and it. is. on. Now, with plesantries out of the way...

fav color: red&black

Who do i worship: my Goddess of choice. pm me if you wanna know.

fav. food: italian

am i male or female? female with a wonderful girlfriend. GET. A. LIFE.

i will tell you anything you want to know, but i wont sugar coat it. it will be hard and there.

P.S. If you want information on the Bible vs. homosexuality, please visit this site: http:///html/hebrew_greek.html#WHATBIBLETOREAD

I understand that Christians sometimes get picked on for being too rigid, just as Pagans get picked on for using magick. But I'm the type where...if you're Christian but not to the point of disliking me for who I am, then your religion won't matter. If you're a closed-minded Atheist or Muslim, or Buddhist, it's the same thing. I just don't like closed-mindedness, no matter where it comes from.

I support gay marriages. If you're against it, and you can find me a gay couple whose love isn't real, and is based only on lust, I can find you about six straight couples who fit the description. If you're anti-gay, that's your choice, but I would never support them being married in a church that's anti-gay, but anywhere else, why should it be wrong?

Other races are fine by me. I just don't like how hostile races are to each other, and that if I said, "We need to include other races," people would cheer. But if I said, "If we include other races they need to include us as well," people would go, "YOU CLOSED-MINDED BIGOT!" The point is, everyone has to try, in all of these cases. And one thing that kills me is how Ubonics has become"part of racial culture," when it actually has NOTHING to do with race.

If you're gay and hate ALL straight people, you can't complain if they hate you. Precisely.

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