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Howdy :) xxx

It's nice of you to check my profile! So thanks xoxox

Well I LOVE owls so much!!!! Don't ask me why, I just do! :)

Name- It's a mystery
Age- 14 and some months
Birthday- sometime in May
Relationship- lolz um...single

Food- watermelon
Animal- owls & turtles
Day- Tuesday
Colour- Purple
Band- Amy Merideth
Song- Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae
Movie- Howl's Moving Castle & Alice in Wonderland
Tv series- Rescue Special Ops
Book- Fruits Basket & ALOF
Memory- When my friend was hanging out the car window and I called her a transformer!
Dream- To become a vet :) YES I LOVE ANIMALS xxx
Quote- A lot of heart and a bunch of skill - without the heart you can't get the skill!

Basically if you don't put your heart into something there's no point so ALWAYS do you best even with the little things because that way you're practising for the bigger things in life :)

Well now you know some pretty usless stuff about me! Arn't you lucky ;)

Well I better tell you about the stories that I have planned!

Outspoken - About a young girl lost at sea at the age of 7. Slowly she grows up on the island and doing so she learns to talk the animals. When she turns 16 she is discovered once again and brought back to siviliastion. She must attend school and try to have a normal life; love, joy saddness. How can that be acomplished when your the odd one out, have no one to talk to except for the whole animal kingdom. Everyone would think your weird wouldn't they?

No Communication - Macey faints into the arms of a stranger. She wakes up in a luxurious room surround by familar faces. When she figures out they are from the famous band No Communication she is shocked but even more so when the lead singer has an interview claiming that she is his girlfriend. Will she be crazy enough to go through with it even though it means nothing and it's all for publisity?

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Guitar Pics and Pizza Rolls by Master of the Chimps reviews
Prue is a girl who was just trying to have a normal college experience, minus the fact that she can’t talk to guys at all, but Ryder, a guy from the well known band Awkward Redemption, isn’t going to let her get a ‘normal college experience’.
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