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I'm Smonorkith, and I write fiction whenever I have the spare time and motivation. I'm really lazy though, so expect erratic updates, sorry.

Writing is probably my second passion. My main passion is music. I love creating it and listening to it. I listen to everything from pop to death metal, no jazz though, I could never get into that for some reason. I really love anything with a folk/gypsy kick to it.

Most of what I write tends to be a blend of sci-fi, fantasy and adventure, and I really enjoy mashing together cultures, something I do a lot in Broken Aether. Revolution is a common theme in my stories, I don't know why but I just like it, I guess I've just always been on the side of the underdog.

I tend to write with no clear idea of a plot. I guess I have the most basic idea, then I just write stuff and develop it as I go. I'll occasionally do some world building (as I did in Broken Aether) but that's really as far as planning goes. I find it more organic that way, it's almost as if the story grows like a living thing, as do the characters.

I don't really read that much and I always feel bad for it. Everybody I've ever spoken to that writes has always talked about how much they read and stuff but I've read barely anything compared to them. I do enjoy reading, I just don't do enough of it. Still love writing though, and I like to think that I'm not too bad at it :P

If I had an animal that represented me, it would be the sloth. Seriously, they don't do anything, I love it. To go with that, my life motto would be "live slow, die whenever."

Anyway, that was my biography/profile. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

PS, if anybody who enjoys my fiction is also an artist, I'd greatly appreciate any piece you do that draws from my stories :D

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