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So I figured since, I'm new of FictionPress as a writer, I would tell those that would somehow, miraculously click on my profile, a smidgen about myself. I'll try not make it boring- but I can't promise.

I’m in my first year of University, majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, with hopes of becoming a Political Scientist. Anyways, now that 'stuff' is out of the way we can get to the interesting stuff-well I think they're interesting.

I love reading books and the newspaper- especially the bulky Sunday newspapers- I've been reading all kinds of books from a young age- from Roald Dahl to Ernest Hemingway, even amateur authors on FictionPress! I love my music, too. I don't mind listening to whatever my ear may like, but I tend to fused to Indie music and music made in the 60's. I luuuurve watching movies too, particularly movies made in the 80's- can anyone say '16 Candles’? I love them so much, I often critic them- but my opinions don't matter (I know that). Okay, I also have a deep obsession with cake and cookies (genuine cookies not the euphemism). I can eat cake anytime and anywhere!!

Oh! And I'm crazy about dancing and singing, even when I'm driving- which is dangerous but it's groovy. But the thing is I'm SO horrible at both of them and (as a side note) I have been told to stop at both singing and dancing- which is cool because I don't care... kinda. I also like having tons of fun, spontaneity and laughing. Anything that can present the outcome of the formers, I'm down with.

Okay, because I’m babbling, I'm going to just end this and just hope that you have learnt a little bit of me, and cross my fingers, that you love what I have to write for you.


A Beautiful Knight in a Blithely Autumn
He is a self-confessed loner, a compulsive pessimist and automatically distrustful. He loved her. She is what they call a social butterfly, stubborn and knows herself to be 99.99% right. She loved him. They both loved. And here is their story.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,419 - Published: 11/18/2011