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I apologize for not updating my stories. I have writer's block on The Shifting Stars of Fate and The Gifted Ones. I am willing to take ideas for where they should go, but they will probably be undergoing a re-write due to my style changing. I have recently uploaded the story Vacant Hearts Webbed with Strife. It is a story I am proud to be writing, plus i have the entire plot figured out. It just needs to be written.

It follows the plot of Alek and Priam's friendship, and its effects on the land they live in. And it also follows the plot of Karo and Maggie's will to change the land the live in.

There are two major "kingdoms": the Parcels, where the majority of the story takes place, and the Umbrals. Social class in the Parcels is huge. Each Parcel, or state as a rough equivalent, is run by an appointed lord. The lords were appointed by the first emperor and have remained hereditary. As has the throne of the emperor, who has his own Parcel. Each lord has a group of soldiers beneath them that are called Sussors. Let's compare them to personal body guards who go on missions. Beneath the Sussors are the regular guards and the the peasants. The Emperor also follows this system. However, his Sussors are ranked higher than the lords because of the high status of the person they work for.

So it goes something like this:

The Emperor

The Emperor's Sussors

The Lords (ranked amongst themselves by their wealth)

The Lords' Sussors

The Guards

The Peasants

The Umbrals, however, follow a different system that is addressed much later in the story. It is a much more mysterious land, and many in the Parcels fear those from the Umbrals.

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