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Hi, I'm just a teenage girl, who happens to love to write. I would tell you my real name if i could, but you can all just call me Charolette.

I love reading, and am on fiction press constantly, I've seen some of the best ideas on here, and I love to read aspiring novelists works.

I am also a cocktail of different races (German, African American, Irish, Russian, and Cuban) so I'm not afraid to have the main character of my story not be Caucasian. Personally, I really think their needs to be more diversity in books.

Age: 16

Birthday: October 28th, 1995

Hobbies: writing, reading, drawing, dancing, camping, archery (before I read the hunger games. XD) I really just like things that are artistic, something that I can express myself through. I also love school and learning, but I hate English because I really, really hate essays.

Weird things: I also hate having to plan out my stories, and I think that drafting is the death of creativity. This is just me though, I find that whenever I try to draft a story and plan it out, I can't write it. I like to be spontaneous with my writing, and I usually start a story with just one concept. Just one thing that really inspires me, this could be a type of flower or even a type of metal, if I plan anything... its a character's death. I like the climax of a story and everything that build up to it need to be purely spontaneous.

But I'm also a strange person, who doesn't do several things because I feel like it takes away from my creativity. These things include drafting, wearing shoes, socks, and pants. Yeah, I'm a girl who only wears skirts. People might assume that I'm a mean girly girl because of my hatred of pants, but pants just really aren't in my style.

I am the type of girl who thinks you make your own fate and thinks that you are in total control of yourself. I hate it when I meet people who say they have to give up writing or something they love because their parents are forcing them to. I realize that some adults want to conform you and pour you into their evil candy molds... but no one can really force you to do anything. Because even when you've lost everything, you still have your free will.

I'm a very freedom orientated person, and I can also be quiet rebellious. I stand up for what I believe in, and even though I am polite, I will certainly never be anyone's doormat. I am sometimes hard-headed and stubborn, though I try to stay well behaved. ;p

I like yaoi, Yuri, and hetero pairings, so you might find some of all three in my stories. I don't discriminate and I really think we should have more serious stories about people with other sexualities that aren't porn orientated. But still, I love the smexeh-times.