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IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm not dead, I'm on a temporary hiatus until Sunday the 4th of December. Until then, I will not be updating my stories. From then on in, I will upload a chapter of Totalitariopath every Sunday (perhaps even quicker sometimes, if I feel like it). Some other things have come up that are going to prevent me writing anything decent for you sooner, and I'd rather the quality of the output be better as apposed to having quicker updates. Thanks! :)

Perhaps one of the most obvious and redundant statements I could make here is "I am a writer", so perhaps I shall start with that. Indeed, I am a writer.

More interestingly, or perhaps not interestingly at all, I'm currently (and quite begrudgingly) completing my final year of high school and am eagerly awaiting the wonders (or so I have been told) of university. Mostly I'm a gamer and a bit of a geek, and a part-time master of understatements. And hyperbole. I really love crack, when I have the opportunity to write in the style.

At the moment I write when I get the chance, which is here and there as my final exams at school are quickly approaching. On the other hand, I'm going to have a huge summer holiday this year (or winter for you Northern Hemisphere folk) and I'm hoping to see some real writing come out of that. I'm serious about my writing, and if you have constructive criticism then by all means go for it. Feel free to point out spelling and grammatical errors, too, as those can be very frustrating to miss and I want to have them squashed and mutilated into corrections as soon as humanly possible.

I may write a bit of poetry (particularly haiku) if the mood strikes.

For anyone interested, I happen to have a deviantART account, which is what everything else I do gets shoved into. Feel free to take a look around; hopefully some of that stuff will interest you. And for people who feel like hearing small pieces of what is essentially thought-dump, you can follow me on Twitter.

Anyhow, that is all from me, at least for the main biography. Have fun enjoying my ridiculous stories - you can get more info about them (including a longer summary, as the summary limit here is awfully small) before you read them in the sections below.

-+Currently In Progress+-

Also known as Insubordination on deviantART. In a totalitarian society where telepaths are locked up, tortured and used as thought police, waking up to a plethora of thoughts in one's mind that aren't exactly one's own is not by any stretch a desirable concept. Riley, one of the rich protectors of the common people, finds himself in a bind when this becomes exactly his situation. But as he struggles with preconceived hatred of his own kin, he doesn't realise just how much worse this odd ability can get...
Uploaded Chapters: 5 | Last Updated: Oct. 6th, 2011 | Next Expected Update: Oct 16th, 2011


Oneshot. "One day, after a very decent night's sleep, I woke up with the strangest hunger for human brains."
Uploaded Chapters: 1 | Last Updated: Sept. 22nd, 2011

-+Currently On Hiatus+-

None! All current stories are scheduled for continual updates.


None. ¬¬ Good job I have Totalitariopath going at the moment.

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Also known as Insubordination. In a totalitarian society where telepaths are locked up, tortured and used as thought police, the idea of waking up as one of them is not entirely a desirable concept.
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Oneshot. "One day, after a very decent night's sleep, I woke up with the strangest hunger for human brains."
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